Travel Bags

You don’t need a boarding pass to appreciate the classic simplicity of a Flight Bag. All that’s required is an itch to get up and go and a pile of stuff that needs packing. The rounded zip-top opens wide, the straps are riveted and sewn into the bags for security, and they work well on a shoulder to make a balanced load. Heritage quality, great materials, and a logical, easy to like layout.
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close up of a grand marais mail bag with a mn patch in the pilot seat of a byplane.

Field Guide Vol III
Travel Gear

We started out at Frost River by making reliable canoe packs, built the traditional way, with premium raw materials that were made to last, and to be relied on, deep in the

back country. 

man sitting and putting his passport into the size pocket of a laurentian luggage bag

Five Fantastic Spring
Break Destinations

Spring break can be a magical time for many students. From beach bums to ski bums, a much needed break is in store. With that comes the fun of traveling to exciting new destinations in hopes of exhilaration
or relaxation.

close up of a woman carrying a laurentian luggage bag

Luggage That Lasts!

You are sitting at the baggage claim of the airport in which your vacation is beginning. You’re excited; you can smell the salt in the air and can imagine a cold beverage in your hand within the next hour. While the euphoria is near, there is still minor chaos in
the airport.