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Built to keep your head warm or cool, in any season.
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rooftop of the frost river shop covered in solar panels with the duluth hillside in the background

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on a topic that Frost River holds near and dear to our hearts. This is sustainability of course! We pride ourselves on leaving as little of a carbon footprint as possible while still producing high quality products.

canvas tent lit up at night with mountains and the milky way in the background

Cool Camping Hacks No Matter the Season

Many people equate camping with the warmer months of the year—assuming that because we are human, we can’t survive in cooler temperatures in the great outdoors. Well, as history has shown us, humans have survived living off the land no matter the season—proving that it’s not the season but the gear (and awesome attitude) that get you through life outside no matter the weather. 

the old frost river storefront of red wood and windows

The Handcrafted Hub of Frost River... The Store

The Frost River Trading Co. at 1910 West Superior Street in Duluth, Minnesota is the hub of all things Frost River. First and foremost, it’s a store. It's THE Store for everything Frost River related! It's where you can find all the goods we make and some additional items that we think you'll like from other American makers. Of course, the waxed canvas packs, bags, and accessories are made right here, by us, upstairs and downstairs.