Daypacks that are just as at home in a canoe as they are shuttling to and from campus or work. Internal sleeves easily stow laptops or folders full of schoolwork.  They may not have enough room to carry days of supplies for exploring uncharted wilderness areas, but they will tote all the gear you need to learn about them in class.
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Field Guide Vol VI
Built for Business

Work bags made to endure the great wilderness mean surviving daily business meeting is an easy task, and they'll look great doing it! The daily grind, the 9 to 5, bringing home the bacon -- doing it in style with a nod to heritage values and craftsmanship! 

Five Fantastic Spring
Break Destinations

Spring break can be a magical time for many students. From beach bums to ski bums, a much needed break is in store. With that comes the fun of traveling to exciting new destinations in hopes of exhilaration
or relaxation.

Luggage That Lasts!

You are sitting at the baggage claim of the airport in which your vacation is beginning. You’re excited; you can smell the salt in the air and can imagine a cold beverage in your hand within the next hour. While the euphoria is near, there is still minor chaos in the airport.