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Hold the little things you need every day in a handmade shoulder bag. Waxed canvas, premium leather and solid brass hardware, meticulously handcrafted by skilled artisans in Duluth, MN and guaranteed for life.
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summit boulder junction pack hanging off of a trail sign in the woods

Doing the Most with the Least: The Modern-American Way to Manufacture Goods

At this moment, that’s exactly how all of us at Frost River feel, because our new solar panels are up and running—generating clean, renewable energy for our on-site manufacturing facility—making us the only canoe-pack manufacturer in Minnesota that uses 100% sustainable, solar energy.

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Top 6 Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

There are very few people in the world who are more deserving of a Frost River item for Mother’s Day than, well, mothers. From introducing us to the outdoors, to bandaging up our knees when we experienced the outdoors a little too hard, you can always count on a mother to be there. Whether they’re a biological mother, step mother, grandmother, Godmother, or simply a mother figure, we have all had a woman in our life to turn to in times of need. 

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Seven Must Visit Businesses in Lincoln Park

The rapidly expanding Lincoln Park Craft District is located on Duluth’s West Side, and is the place Frost River calls home. Many shops, restaurants, and breweries can be found in this up-and-coming district, some of which are considered the best locations in Duluth! Today we are going to look at the top must-stop destinations within the Lincoln Park Craft District!