Day Packs

Great backpacks for the day, if your day consists of kayaking off a waterfall, hunting for your own food and sleeping in a hammock. If your day involves walking the Upper East Side, well, they’re good for that too.
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Field Guide Vol VI
Built for Business 

Work bags made to endure the great wilderness mean surviving daily business meeting is an easy task, and they'll look great doing it! The daily grind, the 9 to 5, bringing home the bacon -- doing it in style with a nod to heritage values and craftsmanship! 

Urban Everyday Carry: Everything You Need. Nothing You Don’t.

Everyday carry isn’t just for bushcrafters or backcountry aficionados, many urbanites also live the EDC lifestyle. So whether you’re an urbanite looking to be prepared to open boxes or cut up kindling, or an outdoor enthusiast who wants to always be ready no matter the adventure, EDC is for you.

The Mystery Of The
Devil's Kettle

One of Minnesota’s greatest mysteries is that of the Devil’s Kettle. Located about 20 minutes northwest of Grand Marais, Minnesota up highway 61 is Judge C.R Magney State Park. Here, the gorgeous Brule River flows through winding terrain towards Lake Superior.