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Field Guide Vol II
Canoe Country

With Frost River, you inherit a craft and a quality, distilled through generation, of handcrafted packs and bags made in our hometown of Duluth, Minnesota. Frost River is built upon the heritage of canoe-country ideals, that get-up-and-go, do-what-needs-to-be-done, expedition mindset. 

North Shore Camping Tips

It is a beautiful early-June day. Moderate temperatures greet you as you emerge from your lean-to shelter. Your first night under the stars for the year went just as you imagined it would. You stoke the small fire from the previous night and wake up the flames. The sun is just beginning to rise as you peer over your desolate point on the lookout.

Cool Camping Hacks No Matter The Season

Many people equate camping with the warmer months of the year—assuming that because we are human, we can’t survive in cooler temperatures in the great outdoors. Well, as history has shown us, humans have survived living off the land no matter the season.