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All the things that we build our packs to hold and carry.
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Our Commitment to Sustainability

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on a topic that Frost River holds near and dear to our hearts. This is sustainability of course! We pride ourselves on leaving as little of a carbon footprint as possible while still producing high quality products.

Meet the new Axe-cessories

A good axe is nothing without a sharp edge and good technique, so along with our Wood Craft Axe from Council Tool, we’ve sourced a sharpening stone and come up with some great pouches to bring it along. The combination works great to keep a sharp edge no matter where you are. 

Handcrafting of Frost River Tent Stakes

The sound of pounding metal and roaring furnaces can be heard from outside the old armory building in Duluth, Minnesota. As you venture into the Duluth Armory Annex, the sound intensifies and you are teleported back into the times of knights and kings. Inside, people of many different backgrounds are hard at work; pounding hot pieces of metal into beautiful forged art.