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If they break, send ‘em back to us. If you want to add stuff on or in your pack, check here. Extension straps, pads to slide on a strap, bags and rolls to add compartments. It's the personification of DIY.
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close up of a grand marais mail bag with a mn patch in the pilot seat of a byplane.

Field Guide Vol III
Travel Gear

We started out at Frost River by making reliable canoe packs, built the traditional way, with premium raw materials that were made to last, and to be relied on, deep in the

back country. 

man walking through brush wearing an isle royale pack with a woodcraft axe in the axe sleeve

Bushcraft. What Is It?

There are multiple variations on the definition of bushcraft, but the general consensus definition is a set of skills that allow you to survive in the wilderness. Much of the focus of bushcraft is exactly like the saying above, being able to utilize what is already in nature to meet your needs instead of carrying it all on your back. The goal is to not just survive in the wild but to thrive.

flat lay of a premium mesabi range daypack with an assortment of goods around it such as a hat, waterbottle, pocket folio and book.

Urban Everyday Carry: Everything You Need. Nothing You Don’t.

Everyday carry isn’t just for bushcrafters or backcountry aficionados, many urbanites also live the EDC lifestyle. So whether you’re an urbanite looking to be prepared to open boxes or cut up kindling, or an outdoor enthusiast who wants to always be ready no matter the adventure, EDC is for you.