By popular demand, our Canvas My State Patches are now sold separately. We take the same high quality patches made from palomino-colored deerhide buckskin, cut them to shape and sew them to a clear vinyl backer of the same shape and ship it to you, ready to attach to your old trusty pack, jacket, pants, whatever!



PATCH PLACEMENT ON PACKS: Each pack has a designated spot for the State Patch addition, we cannot accept placement requests. If you would like to know where the patch will be installed, please reach out to frinfo@frostriver.com. You’re proud of where you’re from, so show it with one of our custom patches. Our sewing it onto the backer helps give the patch structure while also providing stitch holes so you can easily sew it onto your gear. Each patch is made and sewn right in our shop from locally-sourced, natural deerhide buckskin leather. The leather may have scars or other natural blemishes from being a deer in the wild, and it’s the same rugged buckskin that we use on our heavy duty mittens and canoe packs — it’s the good stuff. 

Features & Specifications

SIZE: 2in H x 2in W (size differs state to state)


When you invest in a Frost River made-in-the USA item, you’re not just getting gear that’s handcrafted and locally-made, you’re getting a piece made with intent. 
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You can read more about out Canvas My State program, here, but the gist is this: if you'd like us to put a patch on for you when placing an order for certain Frost River gear, you have the option of adding a deerhide buckskin patch. We've created an assortment of iconic regional outlines to chose from. If we've got the bag in stock, we'll sew your patch on within a couple business days, or if we're out of stock and need to build your bag from scratch, we'll let you know it'll take just a little longer. Just make sure to choose that you would like Frost River to install the patch, and to which item on your order that you'd like it added to. We’ve listened to all the votes, comments and phone calls. Due to popular demand, we’re proud to offer patches for all 50 US states. Coast to coast, river to mountain, we’ve got patches handmade in our town that’ll cover your neck of the woods. We’d love to see your patch out in the wild. Share it by tagging #CanvasMyState and tell us what makes your region special. We’ll share selected posts and give your regional pride a shoutout. Cheers!




Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Will May
State Pride

The My State Patches add a distinctive touch to an already distinctive bag. The state patch shows your pride, and further separates you from the crowd. It also serves as a great conversation starter for those so inclined.

Dan Viands
Greatest brand ever!!!!!

Loyal customer!!!!! Superb products!!!!!

Jason O'Higgins
Love this bag… the patch is the icing on the cake

This is the perfect bag. I have been looking for a sling and have owned Patagonia, the north face, and a couple others but none are made like this. This thing is built like a tank!! And it fits everything I need for a day in the woods. Overall, it is a great bag! The patch is cool too.

Keith Marcoux
Quality leather State Patch

Frost River rep called me before positioning the state patch. They let me know available areas and I was able to confirm.

Uh, yeah!

Love this!!! I added one to my premium shell bag and one to my husband’s premium messenger bag. We moved cross country so it means a lot to have our home state- Michigan!!- so close. It makes me happy. Well done.