Traveling by canoe is hard work and absolutely worth it. We've got just the pack you (and your canoe) need to make those portages a bit easier. Take some timeless canoe country heritage with you the next time that you paddle with a Frost River Canoe Pack.
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man sitting in the front of a canoe on a lake holding a paddle with three canoe backs behind him

Field Guide Vol II
Canoe Country

With Frost River, you inherit a craft and a quality, distilled through generation, of handcrafted packs and bags made in our hometown of Duluth, Minnesota. Frost River is built upon the heritage of canoe-country ideals, that get-up-and-go, do-what-needs-to-be-done, expedition mindset. 

two guys carrying a canoe down to the water wearing BWCA topo shirts

Collection Inspiration

It’s only fitting that we included our namesake, The Frost River, but its inclusion is more than just due to sharing a name. The Frost River is one of the more remote sections of the BWCA that is also quite challenging and should not be underestimated.

close up of and old no. 7 canoe pack in a canoe with a paddle resting against it.

Canoe Season Is
Creeping Up!

While winter refuses to give up here in the Northland, canoe season is right around the corner! You may be thinking, “Hey, there is still ice on the lake at my cabin. Canoe season cannot be coming up that fast.” This is a valid point, however, the ice can move out very quickly once temperatures rise and the wind picks up.