Crafted with a deep appreciation for the natural beauty and rugged landscapes of Minnesota, the Frost River Northstar Expedition Pack is engineered to withstand the toughest adventures imaginable. Whether embarking on a backcountry camping trip or navigating remote waterways, this pack is the ultimate companion for those who demand nothing less than the best from their gear.


With the Frost River Northstar Expedition Pack by your side, you can explore with confidence, knowing that your essentials are securely stowed and readily accessible whenever and wherever adventure calls.

The Northstar Expedition Pack is derived from the beloved Sportsman’s Pack. This iteration is crafted from our heavyweight 18oz waxed canvas in classic Field Tan, fulfilling the requests of many. It stands as the quintessential outdoor enthusiast's pack. Complete with three exterior pockets, two slip pockets, extra-long flap straps, lash squares, and more, this pack has an abundance of meticulously designed features.

Features & Specifications


SIZE/VOLUME: 21in H x 14.5in W x 4.5in D, actual 27.5L, expanded (approx.) 38L

Side Pockets: 12in H x 4.5in W x 3in D

Front Pocket: 9in H x 6in W x 1in D

WEIGHT: 4.4 lbs

MATERIALS: 18oz waxed canvas, solid brass hardware, premium leather, and cotton webbing.


When you invest in a Frost River made-in-the USA item, you’re not just getting gear that’s handcrafted and locally-made, you’re getting a piece made with intent. 
  • Lifetime Guarantee and robust repair program to keep your Frost River gear going for years to come.
  • Premium Materials sourced from businesses that have sustainability in mind.
  • Solar-Powered Manufacturing facility allowing us to craft Frost River goods with clean, renewable energy.
  • Investments in Technology that ensure the highest yield of our materials is consumed.
  • Made in USA

  • 30 - Day return

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  • Made In USA

    Duluth, Minnesota

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As Minnesota natives deeply rooted in the outdoor lifestyle, we found ourselves in search of a name that would capture the essence of our landscape and adventurous spirit. The North Star, a beacon of guidance and exploration. Its presence mirrored the reliability and endurance we instill in all our products. Paired with the term "Expedition" the name not only honors our heritage but also promises unparalleled performance on the most demanding outdoor expeditions. Thus, the "Northstar Expedition Pack" was born—a tribute to our commitment to crafting gear that stands the test of time and guides adventurers on their journeys through the wilderness.

Constructed from durable 18oz heavyweight waxed canvas in the classic Field Tan color, the Northstar Pack exudes a heritage look and feel while ensuring exceptional durability to withstand the rigors of outdoor exploration.

Enhancing the pack's organizational capabilities are the innovative two-in-one zippered side pockets, providing ample storage space for water bottles, snacks, or small tools. Lashing points above the pockets keep axes and saws secured to the sides. Meanwhile, a quick-access zippered pouch at the front allows for easy retrieval of essentials, ensuring that crucial items are always within reach when time is of the essence.

Practicality meets convenience with the inclusion of two lash squares at the base, offering secure attachment points for additional gear or accessories. The extra long flap straps offer even more external carrying capacity-- allowing a secure spot for blanket rolls or extra layers to be fastened to.

Frost River's solid brass G-hooks offer adjustability to the main compartment keeping your contents cinched in while a large top flap secures the main compartment. Use cord and barrel to weave through the grommets of extended gusset flaps when you really want to stow away your main compartments' contents.

The Northstar Expedition Pack is handcrafted in Duluth, Minnesota and backed by a lifetime guarantee on the craftsmanship and hardware of the pack.


SIZE/VOLUME: 21in H x 14.5in W x 4.5in D, actual 27.5L, expanded (approx.) 38L

Side Pockets: 12in H x 4.5in W x 3in D

Front Pocket: 9in H x 6in W x 1in D

WEIGHT: 4.4 lbs

MATERIALS: 18oz waxed canvas, solid brass hardware, premium leather, and cotton webbing.



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Customer Reviews

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in light of the 1 star Review.

I do not have a Northstar pack yet but my wife, kids and i do have at least 6 other packs/bags by FR. We use them extensivly in Alaska canoing and snowshoeing. Some we use every day. I am planning to purchase the Northstar pack next. I appreciate the option of a belt loop on the Northstar although i do not think its a large enough pack to actually need one, but the option is there based on personal preference. Many old packs in my area of Alaska do not have waist belts as they interfere with wearing a gun belt. My family and i love Frost River products and the fact they still send a paper catalog. We think they are one of the best USA made Packs on the market.


Great pack love the quality design and ruggedness

To the one star above my comment

It does , very similarly to the Isle Royal , have a loop to put a belt , so still fulfills what you are asking , I don't have one myself yet , but didn't want a one star to take away from others viewing , am definitely planning on getting one myself


The new "Expediton Pack" is obviously a bad design. It has no hip belt, and a hip belt is necessary to transfer most of the weight of a heavily loaded pack to the hips. A heavy pack should not rest heavily on the shoulders! This design flaw is a big surprise, especially in view of the high price.

Well designed packs for the serious back packer are worth a high price. My old Dana Designs pack still commands a high price used, comparable to the nearly $300 I paid for it more than 20 years ago!


We wanted to reach out with more information. You mentioned a pack of this size should have waistbelt capability and we agree!

There actually is a sleeve designed specifically for the waistbelt built into the back of the pack. We only include waistbelts in our Canoe Packs and the largest size of the Isle Royale Bushcraft Packs as we believe packs of these sizes need a waistbelt to be comfortably carried. The Northstar Expedition Pack is mid-sized, making the waistbelt an optional feature depending on the use.

Happy Trails! - Frost River