From super simple to positively premium, we build totes to suit all sorts of travel needs. A tote sits in between. It's not a pack, not luggage, not a purse, not a satchel. The tote fills the voids left by other pieces of travel gear. They're versatile because they're simple and they work. Ours are built by hand from waxed canvas, so they'll stand up to a lifetime of being versatile, too.
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woman carrying a hunter orange urban foraging tote in the woods

Feeding Your Wild Side

From Urban Foraging to Backwoods Hunting, Frost River has the gear to get you going.

Self-sustaining hobbies like hunting and foraging not only provide you with food you source yourself but also give you more time in the great outdoors.

summit boulder junction pack hanging on a trail sign in the woods

Doing the Most with the Least: The Modern-American Way to Manufacture Goods

At this moment, that’s exactly how all of us at Frost River feel, because our new solar panels are up and running—generating clean, renewable energy for our on-site manufacturing facility—making us the only canoe-pack manufacturer in Minnesota that uses 100% sustainable, solar energy.

the old frost river storefront of red wood and windows

The Handcrafted Hub of Frost river... The Store

The Frost River Trading Co. at 1910 West Superior Street in Duluth, Minnesota is the hub of all things Frost River. First and foremost, it’s a store. It's THE Store for everything Frost River related! It's where you can find all the goods we make and some additional items that we think you'll like from other American makers. Of course, the waxed canvas packs, bags, and accessories are made right here, by us, upstairs and downstairs.