Doing the most with the least: The modern-American way to manufacture goods

Doing the Most with the Least: The Modern-American Way to Manufacture Goods

Frost River is now recharged by nature— introducing our new solar-powered facility!

 At this moment, that’s exactly how all of us at Frost River feel, because our new solar panels are up and running—generating clean, renewable energy for our on-site manufacturing facility—making us the only canoe-pack manufacturer in Minnesota that uses 100% sustainable, solar energy.

We’ve plugged into the sun and have gone solar

For the past two decades, Frost River has set the standard in reliable softgoods. Now, we’re raising the bar. Not only do we source made-in-the-USA materials to handcraft each and every pack, we also repair packs to thwart throw-away culture, and are now harnessing the sun's powerful rays to power our sustainable manufacturing facility— located in Duluth, Minnesota's Lincoln Park Craft District.

The new solar panels are from EPF Solar out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and are being installed by Belknap Electric. 100% of the energy needed to manufacture all Frost River products will now be generated from the sun.

1910 W. Superior St.Duluth, MN 55806

Everything Frost River is done under one roof! From manufacturing to our retail shop, we all work together in a hundred-year-old building. Any of our extra-generated electricity will be directed to our storefront and administration area.

At Frost River, we’re always looking for new, modern ways to create less waste

Transitioning to a solar-powered business is important, not only to embrace our belief in being the most sustainable and self-reliant we can be, but it also means creating a renewable, clean source of energy with the latest technologies available. 

When you make reliable softgoods that can last a lifetime adventuring in the great outdoors, it’s crucial we do what we can to be thoughtful about our impact, not just on nature but on generating the least amount of waste possible.

Every Frost River pack or bag represents a sustainable adventure

When you invest in a Frost River made-in-the USA item, you’re not just getting gear that’s handcrafted and locally-made, you’re getting a piece made with intent. Every strap, snap, buckle, and piece of waxed canvas or premium leather is sourced with sustainability in mind. 

Now, with the added benefit of sustainably sourced solar power from our new solar panels, you can take comfort that Frost River packs aren’t just meant for taking out in nature, but for taking care of nature in the long-run.


Here’s how we make your goods with power from nature

Every step in making your high-quality, Frost River pack or bag is made with you and the planet in mind. Over the last decade, we’ve made sustainable improvements in almost every area of our business—trying to do more with less, without compromising on the quality that we’re renowned for. Adding solar panels to our roof is the newest addition to our sustainable manufacturing processes.

It Starts with the Sun

Our solar panels soak up the sun’s powerful rays all day. An inverter then transforms the sun's energy into usable power for our in-store manufacturing facility.

Perfecting the Pattern

Next, Frost River’s team of makers uses that energy to cut perfect patterns on our Gerber CAD cutting table that has increased our fabric yield to 95% consumption.

Skilled Sewers

The patterns are then taken to our third floor, where a team of artisans sews each and every piece by hand.

The Finishing Table

Throughout the sewing process, the bags are taken to the Finishers for the addition of solid brass hardware. Packs are then completed when the backstraps are hand-pounded into place and leather closure straps are riveted.

Our Leather Oval Logo

Finally, each pack and bag is adorned with the Frost River logo and bright red woven label, assuring you that each piece has been individually inspected for quality and backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Recharge in Nature

Our proven sustainable manufacturing practices allow you to experience a Frost River original in the way it’s intended—reliably powered by nature so you can recharge in the great outdoors.

Where to take your 100%, sun-made gear

There’s an adventure waiting inside every pack, tote, even waxed canvas growler cover that we make. Whether you’re looking for a laptop bag that’ll last through your career or a bushcrafting or canoe pack to take deep into the wilderness, everything we make is made to outlast your journey. Here are some ideas to get you and your solar-manufactured pack out and recharging in nature:

See America the beautiful

Make a list of local points of interest or state and national parks, hang it on your fridge, and check off each one as you or your family conquer quests off the beaten path.


Paddle the day away

Journey to your nearest stream, river, or lake and hop in a canoe to recharge your soul and connect with your natural surroundings. 


Get lost in the woods

(but bring a compass) and your trusty Frost River bushcrafting pack to put your survival skills to the test. 


Conquer work anywhere

When you can work from anywhere, why not work from everywhere? Frost River laptop packs and bags were built with the same rugged materials as our most extreme packs so you can work from wherever.  



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