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When warmth counts, reach for a pair of Frost River mittens. They're handmade from premium raw materials and field tested in some of the harshest winters around in the northern wilds of Minnesota and beyond. Supple and durable deerhide buckskin, heavy duty weather-shedding waxed canvas and lining combine with old-world craftsmanship to make mitts that're up to the task, no matter where you are.
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What is Sea Smoke

This amazingly beautiful phenomenon occurs when freezing cold air masses descend over a (relatively) warm body of water. With water temperatures under 40 degrees Fahrenheit, the water is still BRUTALLY cold. However, when the air mass above the lake is -20 degrees Fahrenheit, there is a nearly 60 degree difference between the air and water temperature. This causes a steam-like cloud that hangs around the surface of the water, much like steam over a cup of hot coffee. 

Field Guide Vol. V

Here's a fun fact for you, each of our mitten collections is named after a historic North American railway! 

Celebrating Winter in the Northland

With this week feeling a little more frigid than frosty (Duluth, MN's daily high temps have been around -10 degrees Fahrenheit), what better time than to embrace the chill in the air and celebrate the winter season! From traditions enduring to creative endeavors blossoming, this season is like none other and there’s no better time to remember why we love Minnesota winters- especially when the temps tend to make them a little painful.