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Your bike deserves a bag too. After all, it carries you and all of your stuff—that’s no easy feat. Named after our favorite northern routes to explore on two tires—these bags are as tough as the trails you’ll take them on.
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Field Guide VII Bike Bags

Bicycles are more than just a form of transportation, they're a pathway to new adventures. Whether you prefer a dirt trail or a paved path, our hometown of Duluth, Minnesota has it all - making cycling bags are an important piece of the Frost River collection.  

Our Commitment To Sustainability

We pride ourselves on leaving as little of a carbon footprint as possible while still producing high quality products. This is a challenge, as those two things are not always easy to do together. As difficult as it may be, it is important enough to us that we go for it anyway.

What Is Sea Smoke?

As you drive on I-35 northbound on a frigid February morning, you may notice something peculiar when you crest the hill into Duluth. Through a spectacular sunrise, a layer of hazy fog encapsulates the majestic Lake Superior. You may think there is a fire in downtown Duluth with thick layers of smoke billowing across the world's largest freshwater lake.