Serious mitts for serious weather. We make 'em warm, tall, and tough to give you a fighting chance against winter.
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Waxed canvas sheds slush and arctic polar fleece lining keeps you warm. The gauntlet length protects wrists and seals your sleeves. Burly buckskin leather palms and hearty waxed canvas will hold up to shovel handles and winter work, plus these choppers'll pop right off with a flick on a run to the tip-up. "Fish On!" Frost River mittens and choppers are sized to be roomy -- just right for frigid Minnesota winters. Take a look at the sizing chart in the image gallery to see which size of our mitts will fit you best.

Features & Specifications


MATERIALS: 10.10 oz waxed canvas, premium buckskin, 300g polar fleece lining, snap hook and o-ring

COLOR: Field Tan, Hunter Orange


When you invest in a Frost River made-in-the USA item, you’re not just getting gear that’s handcrafted and locally-made, you’re getting a piece made with intent. 
  • Lifetime Guarantee and robust repair program to keep your Frost River gear going for years to come.
  • Premium Materials sourced from businesses that have sustainability in mind.
  • Solar-Powered Manufacturing facility allowing us to craft Frost River goods with clean, renewable energy.
  • Investments in Technology that ensure the highest yield of our materials is consumed.
  • Made in USA

  • 30 - Day return

  • Secured payment

  • Quality Assurance

We've got your back

  • Made In USA

    Duluth, Minnesota

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    Build to Last

  • Handcrafted

    Heritage Goods

  • Premium Materials

    Raw Reliability

The Frost River Guarantee: These mitts and choppers are tough. But if you wear ‘em like they’re work gloves, expect that they will eventually wear out. We guarantee all our reliable softgoods to hold together, that the hardware will do its job, but don’t mistake that for a claim they’ll last forever. We stand behind our work and take pride in making good stuff. However, if you use anything made from canvas and leather long enough and hard enough, you’ll need to eventually repair it, and sometimes replace it. When that time comes, we hope you choose to replace it with another Frost River item. What’s the guarantee on mittens? We’ll cover that the seams will hold, the elastic will stay in place, and on the Great Northern Choppers the brass clasp will last and work as long as the mitts hold together. Other than that, repairs for holes, rope-tows chewing through, or dogs discovering the deliciousness of your mitts etc. would fall under the “repair at a reasonable rate” clause if they're still repairable. Thank you in advance for your interest, understanding, and support.


MATERIALS: 10.10 oz waxed canvas, premium buckskin, 300g polar fleece lining, snap hook and o-ring

COLOR: Field Tan, Hunter Orange


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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Mike L
The mittens and liners are first class!

All I can say is WOW. The quality is the best I’ve ever seen in my 60 plus years of trying to find the perfect pair of mittens.

Warm and Comfy Mittens

I expected the felt lining of my Great Northern Choppers to be somewhat heavier, however, coupled with a pair of your wool liners they are quite comfortable. Although I usually wear a large, I took your fitting advise and purchased your medium size. They fit just right. Even with the liners they are comfortably roomy. Their material and construction present a quality product that I know will provide warm and dependable service for years to come.
I expect Daniel Greysolon du Lhut, the 16th century Quebec fur trader/coureur for whom your City of Duluth is named, would have delighted at the opportunity to trade you a few pelts for a fine pair of your Great Northern Choppers...let alone your whole catalogue of traditional high-quality outdoor adventure goods. From design to material and craftmanship, he would agree you folks do it right.
All the best from Ontario

Toasty for the hands and quality product

I have large hands and poor circulation. I bought these gloves to bike to work in the winter and to work in the woods when it is cold. The extra large choppers give me more than enough room to use a variety liners with them. And the liners from Frost River (sold separately) are large and warm as well. Love them. Only warm hands biking to work with my Choppers. :)

The Best

It’s hard to understand just how great Frost River products are until you see them in person. Truly fantastic choppers that will last a long time. All my winter camping buddies are ordering a pair after they tried mine.

I do wish the leather came with some kind of water proofing. The leather just soaks water right up, so I recommend you order their leather cream.


I ordered the wrong size. Technicaly challenged I guess. Waiting for the exchanged ones to get here.