Meet the new Axe-cessories

A good axe is nothing without a sharp edge and good technique, so along with our Wood Craft Axe from Council Tool, we’ve sourced a sharpening stone and come up with some great pouches to bring it along. The combination works great to keep a sharp edge no matter where you are. The pair of pouches add portability and protect your stone and would work great carrying other stuff too. They’re all made in USA, check ‘em out!

Frost River Wood Craft Axe

We’ve had these around awhile now, and like them better all the time. They’re truly functional axes that are made to last, and are a pleasure to work with. We’ve got two models to choose from, both have the same 2 lb. head forged from 5160 steel at Council Tool in the USA. You get the choice on handle length -19 or 24 inches. Both are premium American Hickory handles with a circular steel wedge to ensure a permanent connection between head and haft. We craft the heavyweight leather Boreal Axe Sheath with a welt, rivets, and a brass snap. There’s a Frost River logo on the handle as well as on the sheath, and they ship sharp, ready to go straight to work.


Arctic Fox Sharpening Puck 

Experienced folks know that a sharp axe is a safe axe, so we’ve found a stone ready to help keep a keen edge on your blade wherever you roam. Made by the Baryonyx Knife Co in the USA, it has 240 grit on the darker, coarse side, 400 grit on the other. The manufacturer recommends a thin film of water be used to keep the pores of the stone clear while sharpening, but you can use it as an oil-stone as well if you prefer. The coarse side of the stone readily erases scratch marks from a file as well as minor dings in an edge. The “Arctic Fox sapphire ceramic blend” makes up the fine face. The manufacturer states it will “bring the edge to a hazy mirror finish that easily shaves.” The sharpening stones are made in the USA and strike a sweet spot of portability, performance, and value. Pair it with a pouch to keep it all handy and contained! 

Weight: 7.8 oz 

Diameter: 3” 

Thickness: 7/8”

Canvas Belt Pouch

Sized perfectly for our Arctic Fox Sharpening Puck, our Belt Pouch offers protection of the sharpening surface and edges from damage, adds portability, and offers a great way to keep a stone handy when in the field. Made from our 18 oz waxed canvas, there’s a leather loop on the back to use on a belt, strap it to a pack, or even fit it on our padded waist belt. Feel free to use it for carrying other stuff too, like a compass, or a miniature first aid kit (great idea to keep handy anytime using edged tools in the field), ammunition reloads, round tins, Lip Balm, cookies, you name it, there are all sorts of items to put in a small, handcrafted belt pouch!

Buckskin Drawstring Pouch

It doesn’t take a lot of imagination to think of things to put in a small buckskin bag. We sized it around our sharpening puck, so there’s that. The size and shape, along with the drawstring top is reminiscent of a bag where a kid might carry marbles. It’d work great for treasures of coins or trinkets and the bounty will be magnified with the added value of a really nice bag. The leather is soft and supple yet strong and resilient. It feels good in the hands. You could easily stow it in a pack, pocket, or purse; the leather drawstring provides just enough friction to stay closed fairly securely on its own. It’d make a great gift bag! The leather will last for years of use and will change and patina over time, just like our rugged backstraps faced with the same material. Starts out super supple, break yours in today! 

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