North Shore Camping Tips

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this…

It is a beautiful early-June day. Moderate temperatures greet you as you emerge from your lean-to shelter. Your first night under the stars for the year went just as you imagined it would. You stoke the small fire from the previous night and wake up the flames. The sun is just beginning to rise as you peer over your desolate point on the lookout. Not a soul in sight, just you, your shelter, and your fresh campfire coffee. As the world wakes up around you, you think of what the day will bring. A slow, but steady hike along the Superior Hiking Trail will bring you to your next site, where you will start all over again the next day. A smile slowly rolls across your lips as you sip your coffee. Life is good. 

This could be you folks!

Arrowhead ECO pack out for a hike. Image Credits Henry Elholm 

The north shore of Lake Superior is home to many, MANY campsites and, as the season is coming up on us, it's time to start reserving your spot! In the aforementioned story, a hiker was traversing the Superior Hiking Trail. This trail stretches 310 miles from Canada to just south of Duluth with sections through Grand Marais, Tettegouche, Gooseberry Falls, the city of Duluth, and many others. This trail is actually a first come, first served free camping spot! All along the trail, there are campsites waiting for you to enjoy for free. These sites offer very little in terms of running water and electricity (when we say little, they don’t offer any of these things), but they are usually located near a water source and there is generally a clearing in the woods. There are 94 of these sites maintained completely by volunteers and Superior Hiking Trails Association team members. More information about these sites can be found HERE!

If the more primitive form of camping doesn’t suit your style, there are TONS of other, more accommodating sites along the shore! Some of these include: 

Knife River Campground 

Burlington Bay Campground 

Lamb’s Resort 

Penmarallter Campsite 

Indian Point Campground

Traversing the rocks at the Devil's Kettle. Image Credits Henry Elholm 

These are just a few of the privately-owned campgrounds along the shore. Most of these include spots for RV’s and campers as well as tent sites. Bathrooms and running water also accompany these sites and reservations can be made directly through the website.

State parks are a little bit different. A reservation system is used to help campers find a spot that works best for them. Through the Minnesota State Parks and Trails website, you can choose what campground you would like to visit and what kind of camping you’ll be doing. You can then choose the dates and number of people you will be bringing along. The cost varies depending on these factors. Most of these sites offer AWESOME views of places like Tettegouche, Cascade Falls, Temperance River, Split Rock, and other famous locations.

Now that you know where to go, you need to know what to bring! Obviously, a tent and proper shoes are vitally important to having a good experience on the trail, but some other items can help make sure you have a great camping experience! 

A SAT Phone 

First Aid Kit 

Survival Kit

Proper Backpack

A Cooler

A Mini-Stove 



More Socks Than You Think You Need

These are just a few of the items that’ll make your trip enjoyable. Make sure to check out Frost River’s selection of camping gear that will only enhance your outdoor experience! The Arrowhead Rolltop Daypack is a perfect pack to carry your necessities on a short trip. The Utensil Roll, Tool Roll, and Rollup Travel Kit also will provide organization to your pack to make sure everything fits! Stop into Frost River as you make your way up the shore on your next adventure!

Checking out the Falls at Jay Cooke State Park. Image Credits Henry Elholm 

Be Ready for Whatever Comes Your Way with This Handy Pack!

Arrowhead ECO Rolltop Daypack

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