The simple adaptability of the Arrowhead Rolltop makes carrying a small bundle, or a large load, a breeze. If you’re only carrying a little bit, roll the 18 oz. waxed canvas top all the way down and cinch the leather straps to the bag. Need more space? Unroll the top.
12in Width - 18L15in Width - 22L
Cotton Webbing StrapsBuckskin Straps
Field TanHeritage Black


The long, harness leather straps and extended top allow expanded capacity. Waxed canvas is water resistant, and when matched with a rolled top it is especially weather tight. There’s a loop for a blinking bike light, along with lash squares to tie stuff on… it’s a waxed canvas commuter pack that’s made in Duluth and really hauls! Available in two sizes (13in and 15in width) and two pocket layouts (the ECO's add 2-in-1 pockets on the outside, (think water bottle pockets) and internal sleeves (think laptop or hydration bladder).

Features & Specifications

No. 396 - 12in: 18in - 27in H x 12in W x 5in D, approx. 18L
No. 397 - 15in: 18in - 27in H x 15in W x 5in D, approx. 22L

No. 396 - 12in: 3.4lbs
No.397 - 15in: 3.75lbs

BACKSTRAPS: 2.25in cotton web straps.

POCKETS: Two 4in x 4in side pockets with snap button closures.

MATERIALS: 18oz waxed canvas, 10.10 waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware.


When you invest in a Frost River made-in-the USA item, you’re not just getting gear that’s handcrafted and locally-made, you’re getting a piece made with intent. 
  • Lifetime Guarantee and robust repair program to keep your Frost River gear going for years to come.
  • Premium Materials sourced from businesses that have sustainability in mind.
  • Solar-Powered Manufacturing facility allowing us to craft Frost River goods with clean, renewable energy.
  • Investments in Technology that ensure the highest yield of our materials is consumed.
  • Made in USA

  • 30 - Day return

  • Secured payment

  • Quality Assurance

We've got your back

  • Made In USA

    Duluth, Minnesota

  • Lifetime Guarantee

    Build to Last

  • Handcrafted

    Heritage Goods

  • Premium Materials

    Raw Reliability

Scenario 1: You start your frosty morning bike commute wearing your fleece, wind shell, gloves and hat (Arrowhead Trail Rolltop cinched down to 18-inch height). But the day warms up, and on the way home you need to stow all that stuff plus more work from the office…Aargh! (Arrowhead Trail Rolltop expanded to 27-inch height…and you can still buckle the flap straps!). Scenario 2: (substitute "day hike in the Adirondacks"). Scenario 3: (substitute "trek to campus")…You get the idea.

No. 396 - 12in: 18in - 27in H x 12in W x 5in D, approx. 18L
No. 397 - 15in: 18in - 27in H x 15in W x 5in D, approx. 22L

No. 396 - 12in: 3.4lbs
No.397 - 15in: 3.75lbs

BACKSTRAPS: 2.25in cotton web straps.

POCKETS: Two 4in x 4in side pockets with snap button closures.

MATERIALS: 18oz waxed canvas, 10.10 waxed canvas, premium leather, solid brass hardware.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
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William Brecheen
Deliciously Versatile 12" Arrowhead ECO

I wanted a pack I could use for work; to put my laptop, portfolio, manuals, pens/pencils, chargers etc. With this I can add a thermos, water bottle, extra hoodie, hat, scarf, and gloves for Winter, and then change it up seasonally. I have an Isle Royale for serious Bushcraft adventures when I need to take everything with me, but this Arrowhead ECO will allow me to swap out the office supplies with necessary gear for a day trip in a couple of minutes, with absolutely no lack in quality or durability.
I am one happy customer, which is normal when I buy from Frost River.
-The Wilderness Philosopher

Taylor C.
15" ECO-- A Great Way to Roll

I purchased the 15-inch ECO model with the upgraded (padded buckskin) shoulder straps from Frost River's distributor in Perth, Australia. I used it for about two years before making a birthday gift of it, and subsequently replacing it with the Sojourn pack with padded sleeve. The Sojourn pack's cotton webbing shoulder straps answered a long-standing question for me with regard to their comfortableness. Fortunately, I find them plenty comfortable! That said, given the option, the more cushy buckskin shoulder straps offered on the Arrowhead roll-top win out, and I wish Frost River would offer such an upgrade on more pack designs. In hindsight, I cherished the Arrowhead pack for several other reasons as well. First of all, although a wide model, it never felt too bulky or cumbersome to carry as a day pack. The ability to adjust the roll (and size) of the pack made carrying enough for three-day trips possible too. I appreciated the roll-closure because of how well it kept the rain and elements out of the pack. On balmier days, the long straps that run over the top of the roll secured my jacket or sweater. I miss having that feature too. The double-canvas bottom and the interior padded slip-pocket, similar to the Sojourn pack I carry now, kept devices safe and sound, and added structure to the pack, which helped it to ride comfortably against the back. Lastly, although I appreciated having side-pockets on the ECO model, I didn't find their design all that appealing. Perhaps if the side pockets featured a different closure-design--roll-top closures, lapped/covered zipper-closures, or buckled top-closures (similar to the Summit Expedition model)--I might have appreciated them more. However, all things considered, this pack served me well, and I recommend it to anyone looking for a strong roll-top day pack in premium canvas, leather and brass. From what I hear, it makes a great gift as well.

Geoff Leedle
Great product

Well made

Abigail S.
Fantastic Diaper Bag

I recently bought another arrowhead ECO rolltop daypacks for my cousin to also use at a diaper bag. I have been using my current pack for almost a year now. The two side external side pockets are great for carrying my water bottle and a sippy cup plus snacks. Inside the main bag, I put my diaper changing mat in the computer slot. The inside zipper bag holds diaper cream and the side internal pouches are great for hand sanitizer. The main inside compartment holds enough diapers, wipes, and clothes for a weekend trip. Both my husband and I have found this bag to be much more comfortable and cooler to carry. The only issue I had with the bag is it tended to fall forward until I cut a piece of thick cardboard and put it in the bottom.

6 years and still the best

My pack has been on more adventures than I can count. The last one was to Isle Royale NP for a second trip. The pack was literally jammed into the left pontoon of a de Havilland Beaver floatplane for the trip out. Bombproof construction has never failed. Don’t overthink it. Just get one and you won’t be sorry