Five MUST HIKE Trails in Duluth City Limits

Along Lake Superior’s North Shore, you can find some of the best hiking areas in the region!

From the stunning views at Palisade Head, to the satisfaction of completing the classic “Bean and Bear” hike, the North Shore is a Mecca for hiking enthusiasts and adventurers alike. You may be less aware of the phenomenal hiking right here within the city limits of Duluth, Minnesota. The famous Superior Hiking Trail meanders right through the city, taking you directly under the picturesque Aerial Lift Bridge. 

This being said, there are many, MANY other great hiking trails in Duluth. Here you will find the top five must-see hiking destinations within city limits. Now, there are many more than five trails in Duluth and everyone has their favorite, but these are our favorites! 

#5: Lester Park 

This marvelous park is located on the East Side of Duluth. With stunning views and gnarly waterfalls, this is a must-see destination anytime you are in the area! Once you park in the Lester River Road parking lot, you are immediately greeted by an incredible waterfall that can be heard throughout the park. Spring is a great time to visit Lester Park, as the water is swiftly running over the massive boulders. Along with hiking, there are some fantastic mountain biking trails that run throughout the park.

#4: Lake Walk 

This hike is all pavement and boardwalk but don’t be fooled, this is one of the most beautiful, popular destinations in all of Northern Minnesota! While it is gorgeous when the weather is nice, you can also have a good time if mother nature isn’t so cooperative. Before, during, and after storms, surfers can be seen catching some waves on Park Point, which is easily accessible from the lake walk. You can park anywhere in Canal Park to visit this classic Duluth hike. This is a great hike for beginners and avid hikers alike. It is also a skip, hop, and a jump from Frost River! 

Lester Park in the Summer. Photo Credits: Woods Creek Productions 

Deep in the woods of Hartley Park. Photo Credits: Woods Creek Productions

#3: Hartley Park 

Hartley Park is nestled in the Woodland area of Duluth at the top of the hill. There are roughly 10 miles of hiking and mountain biking trails that criss-cross throughout the park. This is the ultimate urban-outdoors experience, as you feel like you’re in the middle of the Boundary Waters but are actually within walking distance from a SuperOne grocery store. Fantastic views can be had from the trail known as Rock Knob, and the beautiful single track trails allow for a fun, challenging hiking experience. 

#2: Quarry Park 

Quarry Park is the most underrated hiking area in all of Duluth! Located in Lincoln Park, this hike is perfect for individuals who want to get a little exercise while taking their lunch break. It also is the home to massive cliff faces as well as a disc golf course. Once in the park, you can see the entire rock face in its full glory. It is breathtaking to say the least, and is much less popular than some of the other destinations mentioned already. This park, once again, gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, while also being in the middle of Duluth. 

#1: Enger Park 

The pinnacle of the Duluth experience is Enger Park. This park is most famous for the legendary Enger Tower, which watches over Duluth with a loving eye. The Superior Hiking Trail runs directly through Enger Park, and there are many other trails that weave in and out as well. Mountain Biking is also very popular in this area for beginners and experienced riders. For spectacular views of the Aerial Lift Bridge, Downtown Duluth, Canal Park, and other famous Duluth features, visit Enger Park! 

The famous Enger Tower overlooks the city of Duluth. Photo Credits: Woods Creek Productions 

You can see the Lift Bridge from Enger Tower! Photo Credits: Woods Creek Productions 

As we mentioned earlier, this is not a full list of all the wonderful hiking areas in Duluth, this is just a few of our favorites. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where you hike, as long as you get out and enjoy it! Especially with your trusty Frost River Pack at your side. With our rental center now open, you can rent packs for all of your day trips! The High Falls Short Daypack would be PERFECT for any of these hikes. The Nessmuk Pack would fit your discs for your round of disc golf at Quarry Park. The Caribou Bike Bag is the perfect companion for your bike on Lakewalk. These are just a few of the many packs that you can check out from our rental center. Feel free to contact us about the best areas in Duluth to hike and which Frost River products would work best for you! 

Happy Hiking!

If Lester Park was a person, this would be their pack

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