Hunting & Fishing

Nature is a tough opponent. So we think it’s okay to get a little help in the form of impenetrable gun cases, lure guards and skeet pouches.
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a pile of frost river packs sitting on a dock next to a byplane.

Field Guide Vol IV
Hunting Season

Crisp, clear mornings with an autumn scent on the breeze has the hunter-gatherer spirit stirring in many of us. It's time to condition the boots, inspect, and case a weapon, grab a trusty pack, and take to the field!

woman wearing an isle royale pack next to a lake in the woods

The Versatility Of The Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack

Ah... our beloved Isle Royale Bushcraft family of packs. From the original to the mini, these packs are built to sustain anything that nature (and you) can chuck at it. With durable waxed canvas and premium leather straps, these packs are ready for your next adventure in the woods.

a canvas tent lit up at night with mountains and the milky way in the background

Cool Camping Hacks No Matter The Season

Many people equate camping with the warmer months of the year—assuming that because we are human, we can’t survive in cooler temperatures in the great outdoors. Well, as history has shown us, humans have survived living off the land no matter the season.