The Versatility of the Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack

How Well do you REALLY Know the Isle Family?

Ah... our beloved Isle Royale Bushcraft family of packs. From the original to the mini, these packs are built to sustain anything that nature (and you) can chuck at it. With durable waxed canvas and premium leather straps, these packs are ready for your next adventure in the woods. The packs themselves are great, of course, but did you know you can make them even better? Oh, you didn't know this? Well let us dive a little deeper then! These hardy packs have a number of accessories that will make even the most diehard bushcrafter jealous. Keep reading below to find out what YOU need to add to your favorite Isle Royale pack!

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The Isle Royal Buschraft Pack is available in three sizes.

Windigo Signal Bag

Here's a bag that works equally well as a seat, pillow, pocket, signal device, summit or day pack, foraging pouch, and more. It's a versatile, functional, high visibility addition to most any pack or kit you choose to carry. This sturdy little pouch straps nicely to the top flap of your your Isle Royale Pack!

Sawbill Trail Handlebar Bag

Waxed canvas construction with leather straps to secure to the bars—it's just big enough for the essentials without overburdening your handlebars. Built with a cylindrical shape, the Sawbill features canvas, double-layer ends for stiffness and durability, as well as a stiff bridle leather panel to protect the bag from rub against some brush. Made by hand in Duluth, and built for bikes, but useful for all kinds of other places, too. Lash the Sawbill to the bottom of an Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack for a small zippered compartment.

Bedroll Straps

The Bedroll Straps can effectively attach a sleeping bag or blanket to the bottom of a Frost River pack. The Bedroll Straps weave through the lash squares and ensure that the secured items will stay in place. These are essential to almost any Frost River pack, but especially the Isle Royale Packs! Easily strap your softgoods to the bottom of the bag as you make your way through the wilderness.


Utensil Roll

You could store all sorts of things in one of these Utensil Rolls. Sure knives, forks, and spoons will work, but so will a lot of other items. Screwdrivers and wood files, wrenches and pliers, there are all sorts of items to roll in one of these organizers. Two grommets allow a spot to hang it up, a long flap covers the contents, the tie-down keeps everything where it belongs once rolled up!

Tool Roll

Portability rules with this tool roll. Sized to complement a bicycle, motorcycle, scooter, electronics, etc., it works great to get a handle on small tools and instruments… there’s even a leather flapped pocket for securing a roll of tape, set of drivers, or other losable pieces of kit! Our waxed canvas will hold up (and roll up) for years of use and abuse on or off the trails or roads. Comes standard with the same cotton strap as our Utensil Roll to keep things secure, you can upgrade the Tool Roll with our brass roller buckle bike and accessory straps to attach the tool roll to a rack, pipe, bag or whatever!

Sven Saw and Saw Bag

Made in Minnesota for use in the woods wherever you wander, Sven-Saws are rugged and effective tools. They offer sharp and fast-cutting blades and rugged anodized aluminum parts. Collapses slim and slides into our 2-in-1 pockets with ease and carries beautifully in our waxed canvas Saw Bags. The Small Saw Bag fits either size of Sven Saw. From the first time you use it, you'll appreciate the durability and light weight of the special anodized high strength aluminum alloy frame… and how comfortably it fits your hand. When not in use the blade is folded safely away in the frame as protection either for you, your family, and your other equipment!


Accessory Bags

Add some organization to your pack or bag. Accessory Bags are available in three sizes and hold a surprising amount due to their triangular shape-- a wide bottom and zippered top. The XP versions have added snaps that allow several to be attached together. Our RollUp Travel Kit and RollUp Garment Cover feature XP snaps as well... Adding extra capacity is a snap! Spacing is standard between Small, Medium, and Large, that way they can all work together.

Be sure to check out each of these accessories on our website to learn more about their functions and how they attach to your Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack. Each one has its own special attachment method, but all are handy for your next adventure through the woods!

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The Isle Royal Buschraft Pack is available in three sizes.
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This tubed shaped handle bar bag is crafted out our high quality waxed canvas, premium leather, durable solid brass, and heavy duty zippers. Two zippers open and close this bag.
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