12 of our BEST Reviews!

We LOVE Hearing From You!

Every time we get a notification of someone leaving a review on one of our products, we check it almost immediately. We just love hearing your feedback about our packs! We love to hear about all the adventures our packs have been on as well as the stories that accompany them. From constructive feedback to glowing remarks, we want to hear it all! That being said, here are 12 of our top reviews we have accumulated over the years!

"The pack arrived fast and secure with international shipping to Taiwan, I can definitely feel the love and care from Frost River in its packaging. There are also 2 free Frost River stickers in the box, which I'd love to put on my luggage as a proud owner. The smell and workmanship reminds me of the good old days when I used to live in the Big Bear mountains of California, now I live in Taiwan and will keep on carrying this backpack with me whenever I can. Thanks for for great product!" Yu-shu Shen

"Amazing. There are numerous items that I need readily available while out in the woods, without having to take off my backpack. This waist pack holds them all. Shemagh, fire starting material, binoculars, compass, bandana, first aid kit, etc. With room to spare. Tough construction and very comfortable. The brass latch is brilliant for qui k removal. Five stars!" William Brecheen

"This makes a perfect addition to the Isle Royale pack. Using carabiners, I attached it to the brass rings on the main compartment flap. Having that quick detach allows you to use it easily. The snaps allow you to attach the XP accessory bags to it for even greater outside-the-pack storage. This is a very simple, yet highly functional addition to any pack. A bit of orange may just save your life someday." Nathan

The Taconite Trail Bike Trunk is collapsible, sturdy, and durable. I can fit my tools, rain coat, and lunch in the trunk for my daily commute. I also love to look and all the tie downs. Great purchase and it feels like it will last forever!" Robby Heckman


"I keep coming back to Frost River time and again for packs and bags. The Geologist Pack is my sixth and it doesn't disappoint! I'm well pleased with the workmanship and quality. I'm pretty sure it's going to outlast me." Citizen of Planet Earth


"Got these for my boyfriend for Christmas. Just in time for his bobcat hunt. He LOVES them! This was my (our) first time ordering from Frost River, definitely will buy from this company again. Excellent quality!"

"I can't decide which is better...the duffel bag or the company & customer service. What an extremely amazing experience all around. From ordering, through contacting them with a special request and being amazed at how quickly they fulfilled it. Then receiving the bag and being blown away by the quality. Size is great. Construction is awesome. Heavy duty and built to last. I will be ordering more from Frost River in the future! Worth every penny."

 "Such truly AMAZING WORKMANSHIP! I want to wear these all year long just to wave at people! If only FROST RIVER would make a size big enough to sleep in, just say’n!" Great Northern Choppers


"Really like the final look. LOVE that it would take four letters when so many places only do three. Needed four for my company name and this worked out great! Super helpful in positioning on my bag as well. All in all, another super Frost River experience!" 

 "This is the pack donkey that’ll do the job on your backcountry outings! If you can’t decide about taking or leaving something, just put it in. It sits beautifully in the canoe too." 


"I use this for a bowl on nightstand for keys and other items. Dog has her own." 


"I never post reviews but, I was so impressed by Frost River, I felt I had to. I was looking for a log carrier as a gift for friends. I had some questions about how to make it a gift. My call was answered on the first ring and the associate was so helpful. The bag arrived very quickly and our friends love it! Great experience overall!"

We truly appreciate all of the reviews! It is actually quite easy to leave one; all you have to do is click on the "Write a Review button on the product in which you'd like to review. Once written, just hit "Submit Review" and you should be ready to go! 

If you'd like to leave a review for Frost River in general without having to marry it to a specific pack, please feel free to do so on Google! This process is also simple; all you need to do is look up "Frost River" on Google, click "Google Reviews" on the right hand side of the screen, then click "Write a Review" and type away! Once again, we greatly appreciate your support and feedback! We hope you love our products as much as we do! 

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