With Earth Day approaching we wanted to take a minute to highlight all that we have going on around the shop to power the production process as efficiently and effectively as possible and do the most with the least! From the solar panels on the roof to our repair program and cutting tables, we are doing what we can to make sustainable improvements without compromising the quality that we're known for.


Always wanted to create something with canvas and leather? Want a chance to win up to $275 to put towards some new gear? Well, you're in luck! Order your Recycled Remnants kit before April 22nd and show us what you got. Just for ordering a kit you will get entered into a drawing for a $75 gift card. If you submit your creation to us you will have a chance to win a $200 gift card! 

You can send your creations via email to or by posting them on social media and tagging Frost River! Submissions are due by midnight on May 7th. Then the Frost River team will pick our top 5 favorite creations and post them on social media and you get to vote for your favorite! The winners will be announced on May 12th. Click the link for more info on the Recycled Remnants project. (Limit one kit per participant)

P.S. You can get a second entry into the $75 drawing if you post your creation to social media and tag Frost River!

Reduce and Reuse with Frost River Waxed Canvas Goods!


A Peek Into the Pack-Making Process

It Starts with the Sun

Our solar panels soak up the sun’s powerful rays all day. An inverter then transforms the sun's energy into usable power for our in-store manufacturing facility.

Perfecting the Pattern

Next, Frost River’s team of makers uses that energy to cut perfect patterns on our Gerber CAD cutting table that has increased our fabric yield to 95% consumption.

Skilled Sewers

The patterns are then taken to our third floor, where a team of artisans sews each and every piece by hand.

The Finishing Table

Throughout the sewing process, the bags are taken to the Finishers for the addition of solid brass hardware. Packs are then completed when the backstraps are hand-pounded into place and leather closure straps are riveted.

Our Leather Oval Logo

Finally, each pack and bag is adorned with the Frost River logo and bright red woven label, assuring you that each piece has been individually inspected for quality and backed by our lifetime guarantee.

Doing the Most with the Least: The Modern-American Way to Manufacture Goods

For the past two decades, Frost River has set the standard in reliable softgoods. Now, we’re raising the bar. Not only do we source made-in-the-USA materials to handcraft each and every pack, we also repair packs to thwart throw-away culture, and are now harnessing the sun's powerful rays to power our sustainable manufacturing facility— located in Duluth, Minnesota's Lincoln Park Craft District.

Handcrafted Takes Time - Our Production Timeline

We work hard to keep lead times as low as possible, but the truth is that crafting a bag to last a lifetime takes time! Did you know that most of our packs and bags are made to order? From the time of receiving an order to shipping the item to you, it takes around 7 to 10 business days. Below is our production timeline detailing the 'magic' that goes into transforming a roll of waxed canvas, a handful of solid brass hardware and a hide of leather into a reliable pack that will last you years to come. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability

With Earth Day right around the corner, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on a topic that Frost River holds near and dear to our hearts. This is sustainability of course! We pride ourselves on leaving as little of a carbon footprint as possible while still producing high quality products. This is a challenge, as those two things are not always easy to do together. As difficult as it may be, it is important enough to us that we go for it anyway.