Handcrafted Takes Time - Our Production Timeline

We work hard to keep lead times as low as possible, but the truth is that crafting a bag to last a lifetime takes time! Did you know that most of our packs and bags are made to order? From the time of receiving an order to shipping the item to you, it takes around 7 to 10 business days. Below is our production timeline detailing the 'magic' that goes into transforming a roll of waxed canvas, a handful of solid brass hardware and a hide of leather into a reliable pack that will last you years to come. 

Production Timeline Details

An Order is Placed

The production timeline begins with orders being placed. Once you've received a confirmation, a staff member will print off your order at the shop and get your ordered items added to the production schedule. 

Raw Materials are Assembled

All of our packs and bags begin in the same manner- As rolls of waxed canvas and hides of leather. Packs begin as 'kits' which look like a heap of canvas, a handful of solid brass hardware and clicked out leather pieces in the shapes needed for the bag. These kits house everything that the sewer will need begin building a pack. 

Production - Sewing

On most of our softgoods, one sewer will complete the full pack as opposed to piece-work, where each sewer crafts only one component of a certain bag. Sometimes during high-volume times, such as the holidays, the production team works as a group to output higher quantities of the same pack. 

Production - Finishing

Some packs need to head to the finishing table throughout the sewing process, but all end there. The finishing table is where packs turned right side out and burned with heat gun to seal and secure thread ends. This is also where our packs get backstraps hand-pounded on and rivets set into place for buckles and straps. 

Quality Check

Every single item that we manufacture is checked over by an eagle-eye team member before hitting the shelf or heading out for an order. Each pack and bag has multiple steps that need to be checked to make sure it meets Frost River standards. 


After the pack has been approved by the Quality team it is sent to shipping to fulfill the order. All of our items are wrapped in kraft paper and sealed with a Frost River sticker. Daily, we are shipping orders around the world.

Crafting packs and bags to last a lifetime of adventures takes time.

We can't thank our customers enough for shopping small and supporting us throughout the year. Your patience is very much appreciated and ultimately is what allows us to do the best we can in making our reliable softgoods.

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