Explorer Duffel Collection

In crafting our Explorer Duffel Bags, we have taken all of the techniques from creating our canoe packs and put them into a fully functional, some might say bomb-proof, luggage piece. We talk a lot about our materials and the construction of our gear because we just plain believe in them. 

Each bag is skillfully constructed to uphold our reputation for durability and timeless style. We start with premium 18oz waxed canvas from Fairfield Textile, chosen for its exceptional water resistance and ability to develop a unique patina while standing up to the test of time, telling the story of each adventure it accompanies. The double layer base gives you twice the confidence in your gear. Every pack is constructed with a half-inch seam allowance with the purpose being able to easily repair a pack that comes back to us to help it continue on its journey. 

Our Explorer Duffel Bags feature carefully selected leather pieces, not only enhancing their aesthetic appeal but also reinforcing crucial stress points for added durability. Every handle and strap is expertly stitched and riveted, ensuring they can withstand heavy loads without compromise. The webbing for the handles wrap all the way around the pack and are one continuous piece of web, increasing the strength of the handles by distributing the load around the entire bag.

We take pride in the attention to detail, with every seam double-stitched and heavy-duty, solid brass hardware used throughout, guaranteeing long-lasting performance in any environment. The solid brass that we use is intentional, brass will bend before it breaks which can be the difference between having an easy or difficult trip out of the woods so incorporating them in all of our other products is a no-brainer.

We've incorporated multiple pockets, a large one with an adjustable strap and brass post on the side as well as a zippered slip pocket on the end for convenient gear organization. The main and end pocket have sturdy YKK zippers for secure closure, and a removable shoulder strap allows versatile carrying options. An additional web grab handle on one end allows for you to easily toss around your duffel. Each element is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of adventurers, whether they're embarking on a wilderness expedition or exploring the urban jungle. 

Putting our Explorers to the test was a blast and they fared even better than we had expected. The goal of the testing that we did was to see just how robust our duffels are. We know they can take a lot but we wanted to get some real life experience with how durable. From being thrown off our roof and being dropped with 250 lbs of brass in it, to being dragged behind a vehicle and put in a tug-of-war between two cars, we put it to the test. Check out the video to see firsthand what we put the packs through.

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