Graduation Gift Ideas from Frost River

Graduation ceremonies are commencing and studious students across the land are being elevated to new roles out in the world. 

Don’t you think they could use a new bag to go along with new adult status?

It would set them up for success and go along with all the training, preparations, enthusiasm, and exuberance amassed through a career of school, now heading onto new courses, into their new vocations out in the world. Work bags, travel luggage, totes, purses, and accessories handcrafted here in Duluth could help them get head-and-bag-toting-shoulders above the rest. Add a monogram to make their new go-to bag super extra special.

Our heritage quality, waxed canvas and leather briefs and messengers set a tone of lasting quality and trustworthiness to help make positive first impressions wherever they’re carried. Job interviews, first days at work, meetings, sales calls… a good bag will help a busy professional stay organized, carry what needs to be brought along, and in the case of Frost River bags, bring along an air of the outdoors. We hold all of our work bags to the same standard as our canoe packs, they’re made to hold up to hard use outside and look great while they’re at it. Waxed canvas is weather-resistant and stands up to the working world’s abrasions like a seasoned professional. Experience and character stand proud on a bag that gets better with age and use. The charisma of a good patina sets a tone of honest know-how and valuable lessons learned. Set a new graduate up for longstanding success with a bag that can last through a whole career. 

Graduates are gonna need to travel… to and from college, for new jobs, and simply utilizing their new-found freedoms (hopefully vacationing with their own new-found paychecks). Our soft sided luggage, will help to get new grads there and back again in unique and trustworthy style. We craft a full line of CarryOn bags that are great for bringing on board airline flights without the hassle of checked bags. Waxed canvas duffels are great at conforming to the confines of an airline overhead bin, an automobile trunk, hatch, or pick-up box. Rugged and trustworthy, our weekender bags are refined enough for five star hotels, easy going for cozy bed and breakfast stays, and rugged for travels to out-of-the-way hostels.


Portfolios, purses, lunch bags, water bottle covers, wallets, totes all add to a professional appearance, promote reusability, help keep a busy person organized. Being made to the standard of the outdoors, with a function-first philosophy, Frost River bags can remind a carrier to get outside, and use their trusty work bag on fun weekend jaunts as well. All our gear is made to be outside and designed to hold up to canoe country camping trips, that means they’re at ease on more urban pursuits. No, you probably won’t bring your Padfolio or Heritage Brief on the next canoe trip… but we make ‘em tough enough, so you could!

Heritage Black Premium  Carrier Brief

Timeless styling, hardworking materials, lasting durability, all in a classic carryall - Our Carrier line blends professionalism with the easy going messenger bag. The Carrier Brief is a great base model, blending style, ease of use, and value. The Bike Messenger Bag adds a waist belt to stabilize the bag while on a bike, perfect for commuting to work. The Premium Carrier adds a padded laptop sleeve, extra leather, and two color options, Field Tan or Heritage Black. All are built to last right here in Duluth, Minnesota at Frost River. 

Single Brief 

Rugged elegance with a perfect blend of waxed canvas, leather, and straightforward layout. There’s a spot for standard sized laptops on the inside and a pair of zip closed slip pockets that are perfect for papers on the outside. Reliable leather from Red Wing, Minnesota dresses up this brief, handcrafted construction at Frost River in Duluth, brings it all together, our lifetime guarantee ensures it’ll be at your side for years. 


Premium Mesabi  Range Daypack

A brief for your back. Dressy enough for work, rugged enough for the trail, here’s a pack that can and will do it all. There is a padded sleeve for a laptop and just the right amount of space to carry what’s needed but not overburden you on daily commutes. Feel free to upgrade the shoulder straps to padded buckskin leather… It’s a nice upgrade, built just like the straps on our canoe packs.



A briefcase with capacity to carryover for longer stays, too. The side pockets are big enough to stow a change of clothes, rain jacket, and stuff. Part brief, part luggage, all made to last and keep you moving forward.


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