Life With A Laurentian

As you wait for your worn-out, exhausted, standard black suitcase, you notice something; all the luggage looks the same. Black suitcases, black duffel bags, and black backpacks carousel around and around. By the time you finally grab your black suitcase, you had already attempted to grab three other people’s belongings which looked identical to yours. You look down at your crumbling suitcase and think, there has to be a better way…

Oh, there is a better way folks. Frost River’s Laurentian Luggage has all the features of your favorite luggage… only better. The durable waxed canvas will stand up to nearly anything the airport experience can throw at it. With quality zippers and many, spacious compartments, these bags will be your new favorite travel companion. Available in three sizes (CarryOn, Medium, and Large), the Laurentian Luggage family will fit any travel style. Headed to Chicago for a weekend getaway? The CarryOn is the right choice for you! For the full fledged travelers looking to spend some serious time adventuring, the Medium and the Large will suit your fancy. 

Not only is this luggage durable and convenient, it is also stylish. Gone are the days of trying to figure out what suitcase is yours as you mill around the baggage claim. Frost River’s Field Tan waxed canvas is sure to stand out amongst a sea of boring black luggage. Pick up your luggage on the first try! Frost River’s products are also under a pack-lifetime guarantee. We are willing and able to fix, repair, and patch anything with a little Frost River tag, (called a taffeta). Any craftsmanship issues are also covered under this guarantee. If the seams break or a zipper malfunctions, it is repairable or replaceable under this coverage. The luster on the hardware will fade and patina, and the seams will age, but they’ll hold, and keep on working. If they don’t, and your product fails due to flaws in craftsmanship or hardware, we will repair or replace it at our discretion to get your gear back in service. For more information about this program, click HERE!

Since people love their Frost River gear so much, they often have a hard time letting it go. We have seen some incredibly worn packs come through our shipping department from customers who want to get a little more life out of their beloved pack. Most of the time, this is doable. However, sometimes the pack is beyond repair. After years and years of heavy use, sometimes the only option is to replace a pack. The pictures below illustrate this amazing level of wear that we have seen a handful of times. So, before you head off to the airport with some boring, flimsy luggage, maybe take a look at a different travel companion that could last a lifetime.

Life with A Laurentian 

By: Irvin G. Mossberger

I bought my Laurentian carry-on duffel in 2015. I had always been using cheap duffel bags since high school, and had to replace them every other year. In 2015 I started getting bigger projects at work, requiring lots of travel, mostly drilling for wind farm foundations, hydroelectric dam pressure relief wells, and other rock/soil/groundwater sampling. My girlfriend saw one of my decrepit old duffel bags and mentioned that maybe it was time I get a "big-boy" duffel, so I did!

Frost River was appealing because I liked the fact that the original owners made no compromises when it came to the materials and construction of the products that they made.

I use the Laurentian almost daily for office work, local field work and when traveling for field work or vacation, including curling tournaments! The duffel bag has travelled nearly the whole length of I-35, from International Falls to Laredo, Texas. And from North Dakota to New Brunswick, Canada.

The many pockets make things very easy to find, and much easier to access than a backpack:

Left pocket: Travel pharmacy, shave kit, energy snacks, utensils

Right pocket: Electronics (field camera, chargers, mouse, bluetooth speaker, batteries, cords)

Front flap pocket: All-weather pens, markers, highlighters

Front inner pocket: Binder clips, ear plugs, compass

Rear zip pocket: Tools (engineer scale, hand lens), safety training certificates, business cards

Main center pocket: Field notebook, laptop, field clipboard, project files

I do a lot of sediment sampling from pontoon and jonboats, and it’s comforting knowing the waxed canvas will protect my items from getting splashed or muddied. I've never had a problem with the interior of the bag getting wet. 

After 7 years of almost-daily throwing the bag in and out of my work truck, in the back of minivans for curling tournament travels, onto boats, and into airplane overhead bins, some of the stitching finally got stressed, so I brought the bag in to get repaired. By this time, 7 years later, Frost River had changed the way that stitching was applied, and decided to give me a fresh bag. So awesome! Looking forward to taking it on many more work and travel adventures. America, Mexico, Ireland, etc. here we come!


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