Recycled Remnants

Back again this year after being a fan favorite last year is our Recycled Remnant Contest! Like last year the goal is to give some of our remnant pieces of canvas, leather, and buckskin a chance to have a life as something new. Because of its return we wanted to give you all some more insight into the creation of the contest and a better look at some of the materials that come in each kit!

The inception of the Recycled Remnants contest started last year when our Marketing team was trying to think of a fun and creative way to showcase the high quality materials we use in a more approachable way than having to buy a pack. A primary aim was to repurpose the surplus materials that often accumulate in our workshop. These remnants, though integral to our manufacturing process, can end up unused. We saw an opportunity to breathe new life into these materials by offering them to you for creative reuse. Our hope was not only to minimize waste but also to foster innovation and resourcefulness within our community. We know that so many of you are extremely creative and very skilled artisans and wanted to give you all a chance to showcase your ideas and skills!

Additionally, we envisioned this project as a way to introduce a wider audience to the diverse and unique range of materials we build our products out of. We firmly believe that the true essence and quality of our products is fully appreciated through firsthand interaction. By participating in this contest, you not only have the chance to experiment with our materials but also to gain insight into the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into crafting each of our products.

In essence, this contest serves as a platform for collaboration and discovery. It allows us to share our materials with a broader audience while also inviting you to unleash your creativity and showcase your talents. We're excited to see the innovative ways in which you will utilize our materials and look forward to the unique creations that will emerge from this collaboration again this year!

Some Of Our Favorites From Last Year!

Made By Pearl Gaidelis

Made By Rachael Platt

Made By Amy Mester

Made By Andrew Bailey

Made By Trina Greene

Made By Catherine Walker


The bulk of every kit consists of... you guessed it, waxed canvas. Coming in many different shapes and sizes as the remnants come from different production kits and points in the manufacturing process. All of it is waxed canvas as that is all we use but it can vary between our heavyweight 18oz and lightweight 10.10oz as well as color. The majority is our field tan but there are also pieces of black, orange, red, grey, green, etc from past limited edition products and colors we have offered. 


Following up your canvas is an assortment of leather pieces. These have the widest variety in terms of shape, size, and style as there are so many different places we use leather in our lineup of products for so many different purposes from back straps and buckle straps to lash squares and rivet backers. There will be pieces of our more pliable HH leather that we use for smaller buckle straps and embellishments as well as our most robust bridle leather that gets used for back straps and some may even contain our chestnut leather that we use for lash squares.


Last, but definitely not least is a few pieces of buckskin. The same stuff that makes our supple padded back straps and robust buckskin mittens. With a variety of colors and textures that vary because each hide is unique, it is sure to add a pop of color to whatever you choose to make.

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