Always wanted to create something with canvas and leather? Want a chance to win up to $225 to put towards some new gear? Well, you're in luck! Order your Recycled Remnants kit before April 22nd and show us what you got!

Ways to Win
  • Submit your creation to us for a chance to win a $200 gift card! 
  • Discover a piece of Red Buckskin in your kit and you'll win a $25 gift card! Simply send us a picture of the piece of buckskin you found and we will send you your prize!

Favorites from Last Year

Check out some of our staff's favorite submissions from last year's contest!

Made By Amy Mester

Made By Rachel Platt

Made By Pearl Gaidelis

Made By Andrew Bailey

Made By Trina Green

Made By Catherine Walker


Reduce and Reuse with Frost River Waxed Canvas Goods!


A Peek Into the Pack-Making Process

It Starts with the Sun

Our solar panels soak up the sun’s powerful rays all day. An inverter then transforms the sun's energy into usable power for our in-store manufacturing facility.

Perfecting the Pattern

Next, Frost River’s team of makers uses that energy to cut perfect patterns on our Gerber CAD cutting table that has increased our fabric yield to 95% consumption.

Skilled Sewers

The patterns are then taken to our third floor, where a team of artisans sews each and every piece by hand.

The Finishing Table

Throughout the sewing process, the bags are taken to the Finishers for the addition of solid brass hardware. Packs are then completed when the backstraps are hand-pounded into place and leather closure straps are riveted.

Our Leather Oval Logo

Finally, each pack and bag is adorned with the Frost River logo and bright red woven label, assuring you that each piece has been individually inspected for quality and backed by our lifetime guarantee.