Heritage Black Collection

Starting May of 2017, a limited selection of 15 Frost River designs will now be available in classic black waxed canvas, premium leather, and hand-antiqued solid brass hardware. 

Make a statement, of boldness or subtlety, with the wide selection of handmade softgoods from Duluth, MN, USA. 

Field Tan. 

The classic, enduring color of waxed canvas is great in the field. It’s the original way to blend in, offering camouflage among earth tones, and a neutral complement to match most any color you wish to wear with a trusty pack or bag. It’s become the signature color of Frost River. But modern travels can be a bit different. Field tan still blends in today, performing great in the field, blending in, forming a harmonious connection between a traveler, carried equipment and the natural environment. It’s a definite nod to the past, to the heritage of heirloom-quality goods, a time when each tool was precious and cared for, built right from the start and repaired again and again until all that was left was character. 

The Heritage Black Collection emulates a similar notion among the professional cityscape, where the earth tones turn to Pantones®. Today’s environment sometimes requires something different to blend in, to not stand out… Black… …there’s just no substitute for black. What Field Tan is to the natural world, black is to the urban landscape. It’s the color of space, poetry, judges, graduates, formal attire, business and success (y’know Black Friday?), limousines, elegance, bow-ties, and little black dresses, slate, darkness, space, night. 


Frost River Heritage Black was built on those ideals. Not straying one bit from our commitment to quality materials, premium solid brass hardware, waxed canvas, and Made-in-USA construction, design and durability, we’ve taken some of our most popular designs and crafted them from deep shadow: black waxed canvas, straps and trim, heavy-duty made-in-USA YKK nylon coil zippers, oil-tanned premium leathers from Red Wing, Minnesota, and our signature hardware in hand-finished antiqued solid brass. You can expect the same resilience, durability, character, and class that comes with everything we build in a whole new style of understated. 

Black helps you stay out of the spotlight, and that can be a good thing. The bags in Frost River Heritage Black represent some of that and more: Durability and function first of all-- then style, outdoors, and value…Yes, value. Here are bags built to last a lifetime. They could be all you’ll ever need because they’re repairable. Add a patch, replace a rivet or zipper, we build ‘em right here so we can fix ‘em if you break something. These bags are all awful tough to begin with though. Made for wilderness use, they will hold up in the city, allowing you to blend in, yet stand out, moving as a shadow, subtle yet attention-grabbing. 

It’s a bit of outlaw elegance with a stoic stance of enduring quality - classy, clean, and solid black. 

Our designs remain unchanged. All three sizes of the Isle Royale are available in Heritage Black. They still offer the best bushcraft-carrying utility in waxed canvas, with black buckskin padded backstraps and the signature axe sleeve dutifully on the front (have you heard we carry made-in-USA axes?). Twin 2-in-1 pockets straddle the axe sleeve and are sized for the smaller items in your kit like bottles and stoves. 

The same utility can be found in the Summit Expedition, with twin high-capacity 2-in-1 side pockets, plus a zip pocket on the the front, one that hangs inside, and a zipped compartment in the lid. That’s all riveted and sewn onto a round drawstring-topped bag and is available with upgraded padded black leather backstraps. It’s a perfect pack for wandering the canyons of the city or the Grand Canyon. 

The Premium Carrier Brief is pure professionalism in black. The leather will age gracefully, the canvas will stay sound for years. The durable 2” cotton web strap and bridle shoulder pad inspires confidence, while the padded sleeve ensures you can do what needs doing. A lasting bag, made for adventure at work and beyond— Reliable construction and no-nonsense design makes this a great companion for high-stakes meetings and rainy-day sessions at the local coffee shop. 

Our Heritage Black Shell Bags are crafted for long-wearing function. Call ‘em cute, call ‘em rugged, it won’t matter. They’ll work just as hard no matter what you’re carrying, whether it’s your small camera stuff, your everyday, gear for seasonal exploits, or a phone and wallet for nights on the town. Black keeps it bold, yet subtle. Antiqued brass gives these Shell Bags old-school bling. 


High Falls - A small pack built for big things and now available in Black. It stays out of the way but can really haul on your back on a bike, for a quick walk in the park, wherever! A Small Wood Craft Axe fits in fine, so does a growler. Great as a day pack or part of a bigger loadout, too. Padded back makes it handy for water, a small computer or tablet and a lunch. 

Our Vintage Pack, like Frost River, has canoe heritage in its roots. It’s part of the essence of what we do. The Vintage is sized and built to carry a day’s load, perfect for books, a computer whatever you need. But don’t let its daypack distinction fool you, there’s room here to spare— No problem bringing a change of clothes along, or a rain jacket, your EDC, FAK, AXE, heck you could stow a case in there if required. 

Frost River Heritage Black brings downtown styling to the Vintage for work, school and beyond. The get-up-and-go of our Curtis Flight Bag in Heritage Black is perfect for the sophisticated sojourns of today’s overnighter and weekender. This is the bag to grab for your quickest gotta-get-up an go departures. A true go bag, it works great for gear or in the gym, too. The reinforced leather handles are a pleasure to carry and this bag is carry on compliant for most airline travel. The sturdy brass D-rings on each side of the zipper make for a balanced shoulder carry, while a Heritage Black Leather or Buckskin Padded strap pad are available if you desire more comfort. 

Accessory Bags - What’s more to say about Accessory Bags? They’re so darn handy. The Small is cigar and charger cord size. The Medium is suited to use as a small toiletry kit. The Large holds more, acting as a possibles kit or carrying leather gloves and a scarf, extra socks, or camera accessories. All feature a zip top with a wide bottom in black waxed canvas, and our heavy duty zipper: they’re made to last and keep your stuff together. 

The Frost River Heritage Black Collection brings our hard-working, made-for-the-outdoors, reliable softgoods into a new sort of light. They’re perhaps more refined in appearance, but unchanged in function. From our shop in Duluth, Minnesota to you, wherever you may roam with them, they deserve a spot on your shoulder, in your wardrobe, and among your collection. 


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