Mittens Made Right

Be ready to give winter a big “Thumbs Up” when your hands are happy in a pair of rugged and reliable Frost River Mittens. Designed, tested, and built in the frigid north, at our home port of Duluth, Minnesota. Good winter gear in these parts is not an option— it's a way of life— so we know what’s needed when the needle drops.

We’ve learned that fingers stay happiest in the cold when they can warm each other, and that means mittens, not gloves, are a winter warrior’s best defense from cold weather’s wrath.

Here’s a breakdown of Frost River Mittens and Choppers for you (and your fingers) to choose from. All are a bit oversized because that’s another secret of staying warm, allowing yourself a bit of wiggle room in your cold weather wear. Sometimes it's not good to fit like a glove! Our lined mittens feature 300 weight Polartec fleece insulation for warmth. On every mitt and chopper we make, buckskin leather provides grip and wear resistance on the palms. You get the choice of buckskin leather or waxed canvas for the outer shell on all of ‘em except the Great Northerns, which are available exclusively in our signature waxed canvas.

Read on to find out what each style Frost River mitten has to offer, and to find the right mitts for you.

Serious hand-wear for serious cold. Gauntlet cuffs cover wrists and seal off drafts, while the oversized opening allows room for most sleeves to slide inside. There’s a bit of elastic sewn into the wrist to keep things in place, and a solid brass snap clip keeps the pair together and offers a spot to attach a length of cord. Frost River’s Great Northern Choppers are available in waxed canvas, but you get a choice of Field Tan or Hunter Orange. Both the Hunter Orange and Field Tan are paired with a dark buckskin palm for great grip and durability.

Same insulation as in the Great Northerns with the same buckskin reinforced palms, the difference is in the cuff: The Northern Pacifics are shorter, with a lower mid-rise cuff for daily use on and off the trail. Like their bigger siblings, elastic at the wrist keep the mitts on and help keep snow and drafts out. Get the waxed canvas for better water (and slush) resistance, get the buckskin for better dexterity and a super supple feel. As with all our mitts, consider that they run large, so you don’t need to upsize for our mitts, refer to the size chart in the photo gallery of the Northern Pacific Mittens to be sure you get what you want.

Our Pennsylvania shells are sewn with the same fit and feel as the Northern Pacifics, but are finished without an insulating liner. What? you ask, but why? It’s the traditional layout for real choppers. Our Pennsylvania Choppers (available in waxed canvas or buckskin leather) are built to be paired with a removable liner of your choice. This gives you options, plus some flexibility when it comes to washing, drying, or even carrying spare liners for if they get wet in the field and you need to keep on trucking with fresh, dry warmth. You can even use thin gloves as liners for keeping digits protected and some dexterity when you need it. Consider our blended wool mitten liners from Fox River (available as an add-on to the Pennsylvanias). They have a 50/50 wool acrylic blend and are made in the USA. Or use the mitts Grandma knits, and warm a heart as well as the hands. Please note that we only stock the Fox River liners in large, but their stretchy weave fits most paws we've tried 'em on. As with the Northern Pacific Mitts, the Pennsylvania Choppers are available in waxed canvas or buckskin. 

Just as with all our Frost River gear, the mitts are all made at our shop in Duluth, Minnesota. The buckskin is sourced from real deer, so evidence of a life lived in the wild may be present in your mitts. There may be scars, blemishes, and a bit of terrain in there. We don't make mittens with spots that’ll hamper durability and performance, and we inspect the parts, and finished product to ensure your mitts will be up to the task, just know there may be a bit of texture in your leather-- it’s a little character, evidence you’ve got some of the real thing. 

Got a pair of our mitts already? How do you like ‘em? Please consider leaving us a review by clicking one of the links above and scrolling down to the "Review" section. 

Thanks - Thumbs up to happy hands and cold weather! 

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