Made in USA Gear for Backyard Cooking

Got backyard cooking plans? We’ve got gear to help! We all know that food generally tastes better when eaten outdoors, but it’s even better yet when prepared outdoors, too— no matter if you’re in the backyard, at the campground, or seven portages into the canoe country.

Check out some of our favorite outdoor cookin’ accessories:

Shop Apron

Our waxed canvas Shop Apron is just as well suited near the barbecue as it is in the woodshop. Keep your clothes clean and grilling tools and sauces handy in the pockets. You get a choice of straps, standard issue neck and waist straps, or heavy duty web shoulder straps on the ESB Apron

Utensil Roll

Keep cooking utensils handy and at the ready in your outdoor kitchen workspace with our Utensil Roll. Made right here in Duluth, Minnesota from waxed canvas, it’ll last for years, rolls up neat for stowing in a pack, and offers two grommets to allow you to hang it from a nearby tree, stump, branch… whatever you’ve got handy. The long top flap provides security of contents and offers a (mostly) clean spot to prep stuff. 


Wood Axe

Follow up the grilling with a backyard fire! Our Timber Haulers cut down on trips to the woodpile and a Wood Craft Axe will help you be a kindling cutting pro. Don’t have a fire pit? We’ve got you covered with a great portable version from the folks at Stahl Firepits. Robust yet (fairly) lightweight, these beauties are made in the USA and are collapsible for portability. We’ve even got a sling to carry ‘em in. 

Wrought Iron Wares

Iron, forged from a real life blacksmith. Paul Webster has a strong right arm from years of cranking the bellows and pounding iron into wonderfully crafted (and useful) items for camp, home, and fire pit uses. There are several of his wares on our website (including tent stakes), more at our store in Duluth. Give us a call to place an order for more hanging S hooks, a firesteel, hot dog roaster, banana rack, and more. 

Wool Blanket

Backyard get-togethers could often be better with a good blanket and ours are among the best. Great for bringing outdoors because they’re made of a durable and warm wool blend! Offers a soft, dry spot to sit on the ground, is cozy across a set (or pair) of shoulders. Add a Blanket Harness to haul your blanket further from the yard. 

Sale Off
Made from American sourced wool this blanket has the perfect thickness.

Dog Dish

Don’t forget the dogs! Bring a collapsible bowl for a drink and snack for your best friends. Two sizes, both hold water in waxed canvas reliability. 

Flight Bag

Traveling for your cookout? A Flight Bag will help you and your travel essentials there and back again in timeless style. Great travel luggage for great summertime escapes. Start breaking in your new favorite weekender bag now. 

Huron Tote

A no-nonsense tote that’s like an everlasting grocery bag. Heavy duty web handles and waxed canvas, with enough space to haul a hot dish, grill tools, fruit, watermelon, you name it! All that, and a bag o’ chips. Made in USA. 

Growler Pack

What goes better with outdoor cooking than a bit of beer? Choose fresh craft beer from a reusable growler and keep it cool and protected in one of our Growler Packs. Having a growler handy is a great way to make friends and start a conversation around the fire. Sticking to cans? We’ve got Can Insulators and Pint Sleeves ready to insulate and keep you and your beverages cool. Cheers! 


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