Essentials For Your Every Day Carry Kit

Canoe packs are built with a purpose in mind. That purpose is to carry everything you need and nothing you don’t, in other words, pure functionality. That focus on function is a part of every pack and piece of gear we make, making them the perfect starting point for your everyday carry kit. But what should that kit look like?

Each person’s Everyday Carry (EDC) is going to look a little different but we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of essential items that many of us carry day in and day out as a reference guide when building out your everyday kit.

A great starting point is your pack as what you are able to comfortably and effectively carry is quite dependent on its size, shape, number of pockets, attachment points, etc. Whether you are looking for something big or small, we carry a wide range of packs to cater to whatever size kit fits your needs. Some of our favorites are:

- Geologist Bushcraft Pack

- Itasca Outset Daypack

- Premium Mesabi Range Daypack

- Premium Itinerant Daypack

- Jay Cooke Sling Pack

Just to name a few. Each of these bags is built with a unique set of features to meet a wide variety of needs and uses.

Now that you have your pack picked out, you have to determine what you are gonna fill it with! This is where you can really tailor what you carry to align with what you truly need each day and make your kit unique. For those that would like a little guidance on where to start, the following items are ones that are very versatile and can fit in with any style of EDC kit.

Pocket Knife/Multi-tool: Already a staple daily item for many folks, you never know when you may need one but you WILL know when you forget it and need it.

Tool Roll or Accessory Bag: Perfect for storing all the little odds and ends, charging cords, and anything else you may need.

Field Notes Notebook and Pen - Great for jotting down your million-dollar ideas or making your grocery list so you stop forgetting to get bread and toilet paper.

Phone Charger - Never hurts to have one, whether you need it or someone else does they always come in handy.

Watch - Sometimes you just want to tell time the old-fashioned way.

Water Bottle - Everybody needs water.

Flashlight - For when you phone flashlight just doesn't cut it.

Small First Aid Kit - You never know when you'll need it but will be glad you have it when you do.

This list is by no means exhaustive or totally complete but it can give you an idea of where to start! Whether you are a backwoods adventurer or prefer to explore the urban jungle, building out your EDC kit can help you stay prepared for whatever wrench your day throws in your plans.

Photo Credits: Jamie Street on Unsplash


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