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What comes to mind when you think of Frost River? Most likely, you think of the great outdoors, vast wilderness, blue water, canoe adventures, and things of that nature. While all of this is true, we are not JUST a bushcrafter’s dream. We also have plenty of products for the urban adventurer! From handbags to briefcases, Frost River is ready to take on the Concrete Jungle with the same enthusiasm as the Boundary Waters. Versatility is the main function of Frost River packs, from the woods to Wall Street. 

Most of our blogs up to this point have been about taking adventurous trips to remote areas in hopes of escaping the hustle and bustle of ordinary life. Well, today we are doing the opposite. We are going to leave Duluth, Minnesota and travel to the ultimate location for hustle and bustle. That's right, we are headed to New York, New York! The Big Apple is home to some incredible things that you just can’t get anywhere else. This being said, we compiled a list of the top five things to do in New York City!

A beautiful New York Sunset

Frost River Luggage in the Big Apple

#5 Visit the 9/11 Memorial

This beautiful, touching tribute to those who lost their lives in the tragic events of 9/11 is a sight to behold. The stunning water features where the towers once stood brings a sense of calm to the area that devastated so many. Make sure to take a full tour of the museum as well to get a full perspective of the events that took place on that fateful day.

#4 Visit Central Park 

Ahhhhh greenspace! This feels a bit more like home to us. An incredible 843 acre park located right in the heart of the city gives an interesting perspective on just how large the city is. Enjoy streams, lakes, trees, and exciting walking/biking paths in this iconic park. If you need to escape the crazy city life, this is the place for you!

#3 Stop by Times Square 

You can’t go to New York and NOT stop at Times Square! This square will really make you feel small as you look up and the towering skyscrapers above you. The nightlife in this area is amazing with all the bright lights and billboards as well. With lots of exclusive bars and nightclubs, you surely won’t be bored in this famous location!

#2 Take in the Statue of Liberty 

Another fixture of this part of the United States, the Statue of Liberty stands 305 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. With daily tours taking sightseers all the way to the top, you can get a great view of the city! The statue was gifted to the US by France in 1886 and has undergone many renovations since that time! 

Traveling by bicycle in New York City

The Statue of Liberty watching over the city

#1 Visit the "Top of the Rock"

The Rockefeller Center, that is! The view from the top floor of this building is INSANE! Make sure to catch a sunrise or sunset from the balcony as you look over the vast cityscape. A 360 degree view allows you to see all directions for a unique experience that is second to none. What could be better than standing 70 floors above the streets of NYC?

There are so many other fun things to do in the city that never sleeps, and Frost River can help you stay prepared! Headed there for a business trip? Make sure to grab a Heritage Brief to hold all of your important documents along with a protective Padfolio. You have to keep your suit clean too, so pick up a Rollup Garment Cover to keep yourself looking sharp! If you’re just there to take it all in, the Urban Field Bag can hold all the essentials! Want something a bit bigger, but still stylish? Check out the Lookout Daggett Day Pack. This sleek pack made with premium leather and waxed canvas is perfect for Central Park or Times Square! Before you head out to LaGuardia, pack up with the Explorer Duffel ESB! Designed to be your carry-on bag, you’ll always travel in style with this durable pack!

Travel in style with these unique packs!


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