Lash Squares: Unveiling Their Purpose

You’ve probably seen them adorning many different packs, in various locations and even different colors. What am I talking about, well isn’t it obvious… I’m talking about lash squares! These seemingly small yet ubiquitous features on some of our packs can play a crucial role in the functionality and versatility of your outdoor gear. From the rugged trails of the backcountry to the bustling streets of the urban jungle, lash squares offer a myriad of possibilities for organizing and carrying your essentials. But have you ever wondered why they're placed where they are, or what specific purposes they serve? Continue reading to find out!

Each different orientation was decided on with different purposes in mind revolving around what the pack was designed to do. From bushcraft and canoe packs to daypacks and bike bags, an assortment of our gear has lash squares. Some are on the base, some on the top, each with their own purpose that supplement the pack they are on.


Many of our most robust and feature-rich packs are sporting lash squares on the base. The lash squares on these packs are designed to help carry additional gear that you can’t fit inside of your pack. Whether it's a sleeping bag, a tent, or even a pair of hiking poles, these sturdy lash squares provide a secure attachment point for bulky items, freeing up valuable space inside your pack for essentials. The Isle Royale Bushcraft Pack and the Northstar Expedition Pack are perfect examples of this with multiple squares on the base allowing you to carry even more.


Ever needed quick access to your jacket during a sudden downpour or wanted to ensure your bike light is easily visible during nighttime rides? Front lash squares are your go-to solution like on the Arrowhead Trail Rolltop Pack. These squares are strategically placed on the front of the pack, allowing you to attach essential items like jackets, helmets, or lights with ease. It’s all about convenience and accessibility when you’re on the move. 


Top squares are a versatile addition to any pack. Need to pack an extra layer for unpredictable weather or bring along a cozy blanket for a picnic? Look no further than the lash squares on the lid of the Summit Expedition Pack. Their location ensures that your items are easily reachable without having to rummage through the main compartment of the pack. Whether you're hiking, camping, or simply out for a day trip, these top lash squares can prove invaluable.


Lastly, the side lash squares offer added convenience for carrying smaller items or securing taller objects. Need a spot for your water bottle or a place to stash your favorite mug for your morning coffee? The side lash squares have got you covered. Their strategic placement ensures easy access while maintaining balance and stability when carrying your pack.

In conclusion, lash squares aren’t just decorative additions to your pack—they're purposefully designed features that enhance its functionality and adaptability to various outdoor activities. Whether you’re embarking on a multi-day trek or simply exploring the city streets, understanding the role of lash squares can greatly enhance your packing experience. So, next time you gear up for an adventure, take note of the lash squares on your pack and utilize them to their full potential.

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