Introducing the Frost River Thimble!

Keeping Your Fingers Intact Since the Late 1600's!

Introducing the Frost River Solid Brass Thimble! This handy product will ensure you will (probably) NEVER stick your finger with a needle ever again! Tired of light, modern thimbles being too efficient? Well, do we have the product for you! This heavyweight, hard-hitting thimble will bring you back to medieval times when you were LUCKY to stitch a singular sock in a 24 hour day. 

Sewing machines?? Please. While they may make life easier and generally more enjoyable, hand-sewing is how the real pros at Frost River do it. The imperfect imperfections of a hand-stitched pack ensure that our Quality Control Department has lots to do. So there. You’re welcome, Quality Control Department. 

Bring back the times of knights and peasants with the Frost River Thimble! Video Credits: Woods Creek Productions 

Shop our special deal on Frost River Solid Brass Thimbles NOW! If you act in the next 45 seconds or so, you’ll get a five finger set of thimbles for the price of one! This deal won’t last long, folks, so make sure to order before April 1st, 2022… 

Did we get ya? APRIL FOOLS! Unfortunately, we are not selling a solid brass thimble (although they are kind of cool). Each year at Frost River we like to “develop” a gag product for an April Fools prank. Some of our favorites have included the Campfire Mug and the Frost River GUT. Check them out by clicking HERE

Some assembly required! Photo Credits: Woods Creek Productions 

Our wonderful actors checking out Frost River's new cutting machine! Photo Credits: Woods Creek Productions

While the solid brass thimble is 2022’s April Fools gag, we did do some research on it. It turns out, the thimble has a neat backstory! First of all, a thimble is a protective covering that goes over the finger to aid in sewing. They were first thought to be made around 30,000 years ago to sew pearls into pieces of leather by mammoth hunters! Modern thimbles were created in the late 1600’s by a Dutch metalworker.

Originally pronounced “thumb-bell”, these bell shaped pieces of metal were designed to protect fingers as sewers pushed needles through fabric. While these apparatuses were mostly made of a metal material, bones, rubber, wood, and glass were also used to fabricate the thimble. Its intended use was for sewing, obviously, but people also used it for many other things! From being used to measure spirits to sounding louder when knocking on doors, the thimble could do it all! Thimbles have become quite the collectors item as well, with some having precious stones and metals decorating the outer rim! For more on the backstory of the thimble, click HERE!

Yes, the thimble is a cool, historical item that can bring back many fond memories. However, in the present time, hand sewing is a thing of the past in terms of large quantity production. Here at Frost River, we operate efficiently using high powered sewing machines. Each one has a special task it is designed to complete. We still pride ourselves on being hand-crafted, however. Every one of our packs goes through the hands of some of the finest technicians around to sew, rivet, and finish the item. While we may not hand sew our packs, our touch is still there. We are Frost River, and we craft heritage goods efficiently. 

Experience the hand-crafted efficiency for yourself with these awesome packs!

The thimble has been a useful part of life for a long time! Photo Credits: Woods Creek Productions 


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