Happy Holidays From Frost River

As 2023 is coming to a close, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at all the fun things that have happened this Holiday Season! From community events to limited time colors and the store joining in with a festive feel, there has been a lot going on here during this not-so-snowy holiday season. 

Due to the holidays, production is going to be paused and will resume on December 27th but the shop will still be open over the weekend with abbreviated hours on the 24th and then we will be closed on the 25th.

The City of the North Parade

Every year in the week leading up to Thanksgiving the City of the North Parade happens to help kick off the holiday season. The parade has been going on for 6 decades and is a tradition of the town and Northland as a whole. It was a fun time decorating the Frost River Fleet and bringing some waxed canvas cheer to the folks of Duluth. It was a nice change of pace that there were not freezing temperatures like there was in 2022 and the city really showed up to celebrate!

Limited Edition Mittens

Most holiday seasons we try to have some offerings that stand out from our typical lineup of products, usually different colors of canvas or buckskin that we have around. It is always limited quantities and styles but it lets you get some Frost River gear that is unique and sure to stand out from the rest. This year we decided to make our Northern Pacific Mittens a little different. Besides being a different color of canvas this year we also thought it would be fun to have a canvas offering that was made out of our 18oz heavyweight canvas which is a little different from our regular style which uses 10.10oz lightweight canvas. It is safe to say that we were pretty excited and hope that you enjoyed them too.

The Holidays Around the Shop

Every year one of our favorite parts of the holidays is decorating the shop for the season and making it festive! From the store to the production floor, there is the spirit of the holidays all throughout. With lights and garland all around and even Santa portaging a canoe. The twinkling lights add to the rustic charm of the shop and add a new sense of warmth as winter settles over the city, inviting you to come and immerse yourself in the spirit of the season while browsing our waxed canvas wares.

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