Classic Bike Bags in Waxed Canvas - Video Review

Waxed canvas works great on a bike, and helps to kit out a classic ride (or modern one) for hauling of gear, whether that's a picnic or a repair kit! Catch a review of several saddle bags that are all made right here at Frost River in Duluth, Minnesota USA. The Caribou Trail bag gives you a choice to mount to the seat or handlebars. The Fernberg Road Wedge Bag stays out of the way because of its streamlined size. The Echo Trail offers capacity to spare, it’ll carry a camera and more! 

First up is our multifaceted Caribou Trail Bike Bag - Suited to the attaching to the handlebars or the saddle, or with an optional shoulder strap, it becomes a handy satchel. This is one versatile bag. More through the links here or in the video above.

Up next is our Fernberg Wedge Bag - Here's a tiny little saddle bag that hides under a seat. It's perfect for a micro pump, tube and small set of wrenches. Just the essentials here in a no-nonsense wedge bag. 

Last, but not least, it's our Echo Trail Seat Bag - Like a cross between the Caribou and the Fernberg, the Echo is built for medium amounts of gear. Add a small camera, or a bag lunch to your Fernberg-sized repair set or haul a half-dozen bananas. However you use it, the Echo sits neatly under a saddle and offers a secure roller buckle closure. Nice! 

Thanks to Drew for the talent in the video and the great review at his site 

You can find more made in USA Bike Bags, including more modern styles (still waxed canvas, as it should be) here

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