Accessory Bags: From Start to Finish

With Old Glory Red making its re-appearance for the holidays in the form of accessory bags, we thought it would be the perfect time to look into an accessory bag's lifecycle from start to finish. 

The Process

Like most of our products, their journey starts in the basement as a big roll of canvas that gets laid out on the cutting table. This table runs off of CAD (computer-aided design) software where all of the canvas pieces for a bag or pack are put into templates that then get entered into the computer mock-up of the cutting table. This then translates to the actual cutting table and runs automatically, cutting out each piece and marking the fabric so that it speeds up the sewing process by making it easier for sewers to know exactly where leather and brass pieces go. 

Once all the pieces are cut and marked, they are taken off the table and put together into kits for the sewers. These kits contain the pieces necessary to make a bag, which once again is to help speed up and minimize the amount of extra steps in the production process. From there they go and start the sewing process. The first step is to receive the Frost River leather logo. Then they get the edges sewn together to form the actual bag shape as well as the tags they need and the zipper is also added. This all happens with the bags inside out so that all the stitching is on the interior of the bag. The bags then get flipped right side out and head to get quality checked. Each bag is individually inspected by hand to assure that it meets our high standards, any bag that does not meet these standards is either sent back to have the issue fixed or goes to our seconds inventory. The last step is to get tagged, our seal of approval, and get sent out to our store or to fill your order where they get put to use in so many different ways. Whether its a toiletry bag, a bag for pens and pencils, odds and ends, or anything else you can think of, accessory bags work great for just about anything you need them for and more!

This process is what all of our packs and bags go through, with accessory bags having fewer steps than many other products but the general system is the same. 

Hopefully, this little insight into the process of handcrafting goods gives you a greater understanding and maybe appreciation for what goes into each and every Frost River product. Check out the Old Glory Red Accessory Bags online or in-store, and don’t wait, they won’t be here forever!!


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