Top 5 Things to do on a Duluth Summer Day

You really can’t beat a summer in Duluth, Minnesota

With the recent heat wave that has taken over the region, this has never been more true. It generally tends to be a little bit cooler in this neck of the woods, with the major heat and humidity staying south. This is caused by the massive body of water that is Lake Superior. Temperatures can be 25-30 degrees different depending on how close you are to the lake. 

This being said, there are many, MANY, different things to do in Duluth during the summer. This inland coastal town has some features of east coast cities without the saltiness. Here are the top five things to do in Duluth, Minnesota in the summer!

Honorable Mentions:

10. Get Bridged

This is a local term for when you are trying to get to Park Point (or back from Park Point) and the famous Aerial Lift Bridge starts to go up before you get to it. This leaves you “stuck” on one side or the other until the ship or large boat passes by.

9. Sweat by the mall and freeze by the lake 

This happens fairly often. It can be 90 degrees on top of the hill by Miller Hill Mall and 65 degrees down on the Lakewalk walking path. Depending on the wind and certain weather pressure systems, the mighty Lake Superior can decrease the temperatures dramatically. Be prepared for anything! 

Frost River Van getting "Bridged". Photo Credits: Henry Elholm 

8. Go down 21st Ave on a Friday at 3:00 PM 

It might take a hot minute to get down the hill to I-35. Traffic can be interesting. 

7. Navigate I-35 during rush hour 

With the recent construction on the “Can of Worms” being down on and around I-35, it can be a bit inconvenient to travel this major interstate during rush hour. 

6. Photobomb a Tourist’s Selfie in Canal Park 

It is bound to happen… most of the time by accident. 

These Honorable Mentions are all said tongue in cheek, but are all a part of the Duluth experience! Now, on to the REAL top 5!

Top 5

5. Go Brewery Hopping 

With numerous different breweries in Duluth (Lincoln Park specifically), you can taste all the intricacies of local brews! Some of these breweries include; Bent Paddle, Ursa Minor, Hoops Brewing Company, and for cider enthusiasts; Wild State Cider and Duluth Cider. Each one has unique features that make them who they are. Be sure to check them out! 

4. Visit Glensheen Mansion

This ever-so-popular summer destination is fun for the whole family. Basic tours start around $18 for adults and $7 for children. This beautiful mansion can be enjoyed inside and out. On Wednesday nights, you can visit the grounds for free during the summer. Check out the awesome food vendors and local bands that show up for a beautiful night in the park! 

Photo from National Park Service / Johnson-Bice

3. Walk Around Canal Park/Lift Bridge 

Another classic spot to visit is Canal Park and the Aerial Lift Bridge. From here, you can watch ginormous ships enter or leave the harbor, as well as visit the lighthouses at the ends of the piers. There are all sorts of awesome dining options in this area as well! 

2. Take a Drive on the Scenic Highway

Have a cool car/motorcycle that needs to be run? Take it up the shore on the Scenic Highway. In the summer, the lighting around 7:00 is perfect for a stroll on the winding asphalt. It is best to take advantage of this beautiful highway during the week, as it can be a bit congested on the weekends. This highway definitely lives up to its name! 

1. Hike the Many Duluth Trails

Hundreds of miles of trails weave through the city limits of Duluth making a must-hike destination. Enjoy the beautiful waterfalls of Lester Park, or get stunning views of the city from Enger Tower. It is all right at your fingertips! Just make sure you bring your handy Frost River pack along with you! 

Obviously, there are many other fun things to do in Duluth during the summer months. This list consists of some of our favorites. Be sure to come check out the Frost River store during your adventures! We want to hear all about them!

This pack is the optimal Duluth adventure companion!

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