Experience the adventure of geocaching wherever you live

You can find adventure anywhere if you look for it—the key to seeking your ‘someday’ is being ready and willing to find adventure anywhere you are. The treasure-hunting activity of geocaching gives you over 3 million mini-adventures worldwide!

What is geocaching?

Part hike, part above-ground treasure hunt, geocaching is a worldwide outdoor craze going on for over twenty years now. This fun and addictive hobby allows just about anyone anywhere to get out exploring in the great outdoors both in and out of the city, woods, or wherever you may roam. 

While the treasures you may find in a geocache aren’t of any monetary value, the satisfaction you get from hunting down hidden and camouflaged containers outside is worth more and is a great way to exercise your body and mind. 

So how do you get started? Keep reading because we promise this easy-to-pick-up activity will be something you can do alone, with friends or family on the fly, no matter how much time you have to sneak adventure into your day. 

What do you need to get started?

There are a few basics you need to know before you get started. But fear not, we’re going to walk you through them and have you out geocaching today. So grab your phone, and get ready to get hunting! 

Step 1: Download an app

The first thing is to go here and download the app on your phone. The app will instruct you to create an account, sign in, and pick a geocache near you. It’s fun to see how many options you have nearby. You can even choose how hard you want the hunt to be. 

Step 2: Gather equipment

Next, you’ll want to gather anything you think you’ll need for your hunt. If you’re doing it over your lunch hour in the city, throw your wallet, water bottle, and anything else you may need in one of our new packs. (Some people like to carry trinkets to leave behind in the geocache once they find it, so you may want to consider bringing some of your own.) 

Step 3: Get hunting!

Finally, you can sling your new Jay Cooke Sling Bag or Tettegouche Messenger Bag over your shoulder and begin navigating towards your chosen cache. Once you get about 20 feet away from your cache, you’ll want to put the phone down and start using your hands and line of sight to suss out the cache. Caches can be anything from as big as a breadbox covered in camo tape or as tiny as a fake screw head hidden in urban environments.

What to do when you find a cache

When you first discover your geocache, we recommend celebrating—some caches can be really hard to find and you earned it! However, what may be even more exciting is opening up the cache and rifling through its contents. This is the time to sign the logbook if there is one. 

Some people like to take something out of the cache and leave behind something of their own of equal or greater value to add to the unburied treasure for the next lucky geocacher to find. If the item you find is trackable, you are then obligated to take it and put it in another specified geocache. 

Trackables are special geocache items that are meant to move from cache to cache. When you find one, look up the number etched into it at geocaching.com to find where its next destination is—it’ll be up to you to follow its mission path and get it to the next cache. However, make sure to take a look at where this trackable has been too. It’s fun to see how far some of these pieces have traveled.

Starting your own geocache

There’s a lot to think about when starting your geocache. It’s best to do a bit of hunting and take notes of which caches are the most fun to find, which hiding places are the best, and what you can use for containers (like a cleaned out peanut butter jar) that can withstand any kind of weather. 

There are certain geocaching guidelines you need to follow and you can find them here. Keep in mind that you will need permission to hide your cache on both public and private land. 

Lastly, if you place it, you must maintain it. Set aside time every month to check on your cache and make sure items aren’t piling up and replace log books as they fill up.

A community of ‘cachers

A niche within the already awesome outdoor community, geocachers are generally awesome humans who love the great outdoors and hunting for caches. Make sure you utilize all of the bells and whistles of your geocaching app to meet new people and get involved in your new community. You can even attend geocaching events or meet up with other cachers to explore new places together. 

Either way, geocaching is sure to get you out having fun no matter where you are or who you’re with. Enjoy and get out there seeking your someday!


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