Big Red Got a Facelift!

Big Red is Ready for Whatever the Northland Throws at it!

Here at Frost River, we have always prided ourselves on our collection of vehicles. From our newly designed van to our exquisite Airstream camper, we are always ready for a solid road trip. We weren’t going to settle there, though. We knew we needed a tough, reliable machine to help us get through even the deepest of snow. You may have seen it rolling around town, but you’ve NEVER seen it like this! 

That’s right, we wrapped our Big Red Truck! Brought to you by the same talented individuals who wrapped our van, we wanted a look that screamed “Frost River” from a mile away. The red and black accents match beautifully with a light dusting of snow on a bright February morning. 

This newly wrapped beast of a vehicle recently had the opportunity to road trip to Denver, CO for the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show! We truly got to test out its long-haul capabilities. Road tripping in the winter can be an exciting experience that very few people achieve. Follow along as we provide five tips to make your winter road trip the best it can be! 

#1 Safety Safety Safety

Roads in the winter can be treacherous at times, especially here in the Northland. It is always a good idea to be prepared for the worst while hoping for the best. A few weeks ago we developed a winter driving safety blog that further details the importance of the proper supplies for venturing out in the frozen tundra. 

#2 Bring Snacks 

No road trip is complete without snacks. Chips, pretzels, candy, and popcorn can be great road companions as you travel across the country. 

#3 Have a playlist ready to go 

Whether it be your favorite true crime podcast or your go to 90’s jams, it is VITAL to have something to listen to. If you’re on a solo adventure, obviously you can listen to whatever suits your fancy. If you are with a group, however, things can get tricky. Make sure to let everyone get a chance to listen to what they want (even if it is Mongolian Throat Singing). 

#4 Take plenty of rest stops along the way 

World’s largest ball of twine? Famous chocolate chip cookies? A super interesting statue of Paul Bunyan? Gotta take a picture with it! Have fun with it and map out potentially unique landmarks along the way (even if they are snow-covered). 

One of our favorite stops from the last road trip? Carhenge! A replica of England's Stonehenge located on the high plains of Nebraska, and made from old cars. (why- you ask, why not!?) 

#5 Call your Mom 

Yes, she wants to hear from you. No, you don’t have anything better to do.

Make sure to pack your favorite Frost River gear on your next road trip!

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