Some Holiday Happenings

Thank You!

As we continue into the holiday season, all of us here at Frost River wanted to say thank you for your support of what we have to offer, whether you have been following us since the beginning or just stumbled upon Frost River last week, if we didn’t have you all it would get pretty lonely around the shop. So THANKS! We really appreciate your support, feedback, and just telling your friends and family where you got that trusty waxed canvas pack that you do go anywhere without.

On the note of the Holiday Season…

If you happen to be in Duluth in the near future, take a minute to stop by the shop and check out our window displays as well as how we decked the halls for the holidays! Even Henry has joined in! While you're at it if you are so inclined hop onto Facebook and vote for us for the best window display in Lincoln Park. After you do that, take a stroll around the shop to pick up that perfect gift for friends and family, even the tricky ones.

From all of us here,

We hope you can get out and make the most of this winter weather (dare we say embrace it), get to spend time with family and friends, and if you have a moment, stop and shop local, wherever local is to you. 

Cheers - From the Frost River Crew!


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