The Fun of April First

Happy April Fools' Day!

One of Frost River's favorite holidays of the year! April Fools gives the team the perfect excuse to turn those laughable product ideas into a reality. For 2021, meet the Quick Draw Camp Mug. Keep scrolling for more on that and take a look at past year's products.

2021 - Quick Draw Camp Mug

There's nothing quite like quenching your morning thirst with a hot mug of fresh-brewed coffee. Our new Quick Draw Camp Mugs are quality vessels made from waxed canvas, leather and solid brass hardware. Why are they called 'Quick Draw' you ask? That's because you've got to be the quickest cowboy coffee slinger this side of the campfire. We can guarantee that our waxed canvas mugs will quadruple the speed of your coffee intake. How can we guarantee that? Because no one wants to loose even a drop of that precious caffeinated liquid after a long night of slumber under the stars.

2020 - Premium Pocket Protector

Go ahead and admit it; you wanted to be THAT guy... you know the one, horn-rim glasses, short sleeve shirt with the collar buttoned up tight, and oh that totally lust-worthy and ever so cool pocket protector. Filled with free logo pens from prestigious vendors, they were the alpha dog, and whether you are a person of that bygone era or seeing them for the first time, we know you want one. So we're bringing 'em back! 


2019 -G.U.T. General Uncertainty Tool

Introducing, Frost River's General Uncertainty Tool or, the G.U.T. This compact waxed canvas tool is here to help you when you are questioning your next move. It efficiently folds up when not in use and quickly folds back into shape when you are in a sticky situation. Simply use your index and thumb fingers to maneuver the G.U.T. First choose a number on the top of the tool, then open and close the device while counting to said number. Choose either the left or right flap and open it to reveal the answer to your predicament.


2018 - The Bib Collection

When plowing through a full rack of OMC Smokehouse St. Louis style ribs you’ll want extra sauce and you’ll want to focus on the food, not what’s rolling down your chin. Here’s where our Bib Collection really shines! Carefully crafted from our signature 18 oz waxed canvas, there’s a size for everyone at the table from Papa Bear, to Mama Bear, to the Baby Bear too. Keep your shirt clean through the link below. Order’s Up!


2017 - Waxed Canvas Galoshes

Our new galoshes or "Rubbers" work to fill in the gaps of a waxed canvas wardrobe. They'll only be available for a limited time at Frost River, and no, you won’t find them in gas station bathrooms any cheaper. Happy April first to you, good luck with the rest of your day!


2016 - The Adonis

New Design! Do you like wearing chaps but(t) find them drafty? Do you get sideways glances when you wear your Chaps alone? The Adonis (pronounced ‘add-‘a-nass'’) picks up where our Chaps leave off, filling in the gaps at the top of the chaps. Full-featured, but not full-figured, they're one size fits some. Bigger or smaller, all adds to the adventure with the Adonis. It beats the pants off Adonis-less chaps.


Happy April Fools' Day!


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