Packs, Bags, and Gear for Fall Outings

Fall’s a great time for rambling! The woods are filling with color, the bugs are (mostly) gone, the temps are more comfortable, hunting and gathering are in season, it’s a great time to grab a trusty pack and get out into the field! Scroll down to get the scoop on of some of our favorite, Duluth-made packs that are perfect for this time of year.

 Three sizes to carry what you’d like to bring along, all now featuring the option for a padded or unpadded waist belt. They each feature plenty of pockets, lash points, an axe sleeve, padded straps… it’s our top of the line pack, built without compromise from the best classic materials around. These are solid packs, made the way they should be, right here at Frost River in Duluth, Minnesota U.S.A. Consider adding a Windigo Signal Bag to increase visibility and stay safe when out and about during hunting seasons.

 No matter if hunting or not, for safety’s sake, it’s a good idea to be visible in the field during the fall. Field Tan helps you blend in, our Hunter Orange waxed canvas stands out. It does a great job alerting fellow woods ramblers of your whereabouts. We make several shapes and sizes of packs in the material, and, while highly-visible, the color is rich enough for more civilized pursuits as well.

Long, lean, and stays out of the way when on the move. The High Falls will carry a water bladder or bottle for you along with a bit of lunch, an extra layer… just enough for a jaunt out there and back again. Consider going two-tone with Hunter Orange, and you’ll get a stripe of orange visibility along each of the shoulder straps, plus the front panel. The High Falls Pack is a winner in any color, Field Tan, Hunter Orange or Heritage Black!

A big, foldable, foraging bag comes in handy for bringing nature’s treasures home with you. Waxed canvas holds up to rock collections, resists spots and stains, and simply carries a bunch of stuff. Once home, turn it inside out, spray it with a hose, and you’re reset, cleaned up, and back in business. We make ‘em in both Field Tan and Hunter Orange.

Perfect for carrying odd-ball strangely shaped stuff. Like a screw gun and construction materials for making deer stands. Or food and supplies on a late season canoe country expedition. Once valued highly by trappers, the utility and grace of a hand made basket carries over to decoration when off duty from the woods. Find some stuff to stick in there around the house. Three sizes, use them with the optional harness, or use in a pack like the Vintage (13” basket), Timber Cruiser Jr. 18” basket), or Old No.7 (20” basket). Click through to the Pack Basket to see what other packs we’ve tried 'em in!


Mitts, hats, hoodies, chaps and more! All our apparel is made in the USA, just like our bags. We value American manufacturing in the shop and support fellow makers in the store as well. All our waxed canvas goods are made here in Duluth, everything else we sell, even the stuff we don’t make ourselves is still made in USA. All is as it should be, appreciating quality and supporting American workers is simple when shopping at Frost River. 

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