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COOL Things are Happening...

With Frost River’s acquisition of UllrCoolers earlier this year (if you don’t know anything about this, click HERE for more information), we have been super busy coming up with innovative ideas to merge the two local brands. Prototypes for new products have been constructed, redesigned, and redesigned again to make sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to quality. After many highly scientific experiments were conducted involving materials and some of our favorite beverages, a new pack was born! 

Introducing the Frost River Castle Danger Daypack and the UllrTec Castle Danger Daypack! Named after the birthplace of UllrCoolers, these innovative new packs are lined with high quality insulation that will help keep your lunch and beverages cool. Believe it or not, both daypacks will fit an entire 12-pack of your favorite beverages! Gone are the thirsty days one the trail! Each pack is manufactured and handcrafted by the same skilled tradespeople making your favorite Frost River packs and bags. 

The Frost River Castle Danger Daypack is constructed using a heavyweight reliable waxed canvas exterior, making it durable and weather resistant. Complete with Frost River’s famous Solid Brass Grommets and Hardware, this premium insulated backpack is the ideal gift for any outdoor enthusiast. 

Two Castle Danger Daypacks chilling by the Lester River 

UllrTec's Castle Danger Daypack in its full glory! 

Ullrtec’s Castle Danger Daypack is nearly identical to Frost River’s in terms of size and capabilities, but with the colorful flair of Ullr! Instead of waxed canvas, the exterior of this daypack is made of a lightweight and technical Cordura nylon, making it light and easy to carry for a long time. Nylon buckles and hardware make up the details of the pack, along with durable steel grommets and an eloquent embroidered Ullr patch. Bring not one, but TWO growlers on your next adventure with UllrTec’s new, insulated pack! 

On top of the brand new daypack, UllrTec now boasts a brand new Insulated Stocking! Nope, we’ve never seen one of these either! Designed with style in mind, these 100% functional coolers are the pinnacle of party gifts. Keeping your drinks cold in an apparatus initially designed to keep your feet warm will leave your stocking-less friends in awe. Fit a 6 pack of your favorite beverage into a stocking that even Santa Clause himself would thoroughly enjoy. Your holiday party will be the talk of the neighborhood if you pull one of these bad boys out with some ice cold brews from Bent Paddle. With multiple colors and patterns available, the Ullr Insulated Stocking is sure to dazzle even the toughest individual on your Secret Santa list. 

In Norse mythology, Ullr (pronounced ULL-ER) is praised for being a symbol of winter and cold. Keeping things chilly was his forte. Coincidentally, that is exactly what we want our beer to be. Cold. UllrTec was built on the simple platform that we want to keep our beer and other beverages cold in the most effective, user-friendly way possible. 

UllrTec's Insulated Stocking can house a six pack of your favorite brew! 

Originating in 2015 inside some dude’s garage around Duluth, Minnesota, UllrTec’s humble beginnings were no indication of the quality. UllrCooler was first introduced with the intent of always keeping quality in mind. We have never cut corners on our quality. What have we cut corners on? Sleep, blood, sweat, tears etc. Needless to say we have worked hard to push UllrTec in the direction we know it could go, while still keeping quality in the forefront.

As mentioned earlier, all UllrTec products are handcrafted by the same incredibly talented individuals who manufacture Frost River’s packs. From Pint and Can Sleeves to Growler Totes, thoughtful and meticulous care is put into each and every item before making its way into your home. While the materials may be different, the heart is still the same.

Keep your beverage cold with the Castle Danger Daypack!


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