Duluth Beach Day

Picture This:

Pristine white sand, crystal clear water, endless blue skies, and seagulls cawing all around. It is likely you would picture somewhere like Hawaii, California, or Florida. While these places are great, did you know there are beautiful coastlines just like this right down the street from Frost River?

That's right! There are gorgeous beaches right here in Duluth, Minnesota! The sand at Canal Park, Park Point, and Brighton Beach can be enjoyed by all without having to visit the ocean. Thanks to the mighty Lake Superior, Duluth residents and visitors can experience beach days just like Californians and Floridians! 

There are three main beaches in the Duluth area. They all are unique in their own ways, and are free to visit. All you need is a towel, sunscreen, a Frost River tote, and a little sun! 

Lakewalk stretches from Canal Park all the way east past Lester Park. This is a paved trail that is great for walking and biking. On the lake side of the trail, some beautiful beaches can be found! Lakewalk has recently been remodeled, and a new beach area was created just north of the aerial lift bridge. This beach is easily accessible and a great place to watch ships come in! 

Beach days in Duluth cannot be beat! Photo Credits: Woods Creek Productions 

Sunsets are regularly enjoyed at any beach. Photo Credit: Woods Creek Productions 

This mostly rocky beach is one of the top places to visit in all of Duluth! Located just east of the city on the Scenic Highway 61, beach goers can swim in the chilly lake, then warm up on the gigantic dark rocks on shore. To avoid the crowds of people that frequent the area, visitors can take the Brighton Beach hiking trail further east to more remote areas of the park.

 As of August 3rd, 2021, Brighton Beach is closed to visitors. The park is receiving a new road as well as shoreline renovations that will keep the park closed for 12 weeks. To find out more about the construction project, click here.

Ahh… the creme de la creme of Duluth beaches! This pristine sand beach starts near Canal Park and stretches all the way to the Wisconsin Point lighthouse a few miles away. Whether you are a beach runner, yoga enthusiast, or simply want to lay in the sand, this beach is perfect for you! On calm days, visitors can wade into Lake Superior for what feels like forever before it gets too deep to touch the soft sandy bottom. The beauty of Park Point is unmatched and is a must-stop destination in all of the Northland! 

A couple enjoying Park Point Beach in the evening. Photo Credits: Woods Creek Productions 

Some items you may need on your beach excursion include: 

  • Sunglasses 
  • Hats
  • Sunscreen 
  • Beach Towels 
  • Coolers 
  • Totes
  • Daypacks 
  • Swimsuits 
  • Umbrellas 
  • And all of your friends and family! 

Frost River offers a few of these items through our rental center! The Brighton Beach Tote, High Falls Daypack, and CamCooler Thunder Bay Bomber Bag will make your beach day easier to manage. The durable waxed canvas is easy to brush sand off of, and the high quality straps and handles make carrying heavy towels and drinks a breeze! Be sure to check out our rental center before your next trip to one of Duluth’s best beaches!

This snazzy cooler will keep your favorite beverages cool next time you are at Park Point!

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