Cross City Trail Renovation

Ahhh… Minnesota Summers

You really cannot beat a beautiful June day along Lake Superior’s North Shore. The temps are mild, the grass is green, and the glorious smell of OMC’s barbecue wafts through Lincoln Park. There is, unfortunately, one inevitable hiccup that accompanies the beauty of a Minnesota Summer. This hiccup is construction.

Everyone in the Midwest knows that road construction is one of the most frustrating parts of the summer season. With untimely delays and seemingly endless traffic, this necessary evil visits us every year. Recently, the road that travels in front of the Frost River Storefront, Superior Street, saw its fair share of orange cones and detour signs. While this was a minor inconvenience, Frost River is excited about the new Superior Street facelift! 

The most notable aspect of the road construction in this area is the detour of the Cross City Bike Trail that now traverses directly in front of Frost River! Normally, this route goes behind the store on Michigan Street, but with major construction taking place there, it needed to be rerouted on Superior Street. 

What is the Cross City Bike Trail, you ask? Well, this trail connects the ever-so-popular Lakewalk trail to the stunning Munger Trail. This 10 mile connector allows bikers and hikers alike to visit two of the most distinguished trails without having to deal with too much vehicle traffic.

Lakewalk, as its name suggests, is a paved trail that runs right along Lake Superior in Duluth. With mild, rolling hills and breathtaking views, this trail is good for outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels. Lakewalk will bring you right into the famous Canal Park where you can stop to see the Aerial Lift Bridge. If you keep going on the Lake walk trail westbound, eventually you will end up on the Cross City Trail which runs right under Highway 35 and up into Lincoln Park via a pedestrian-specific overpass. 

New Trail on Superior Street. Photo Credits: Woods Creek Productions 

After taking the Cross City Trail for roughly 10 miles westbound, you will end up at the Munger Trail. This is one of the best paved trails in Duluth for many reasons. The main reason is there is no road traffic. With only a few road crossings, traffic is not typically an issue here. This trail brings you right into the Duluth wilderness and eventually into Jay Cooke State Park where you can view the mighty St. Louis River as it carves its way through the Northland. This trail will take you all the way to Hinckley, Minnesota, so if you are looking for a long day trip or an opportunity to do some bike-packing, this is your trail! 

Whether you are interested in bike-packing or a simple day trip, Frost River has a bike bag that will fit your needs! With our diverse range of packs, finding a product that works for your style is easy. Our Highway 1 Panniers or Trezona Trail Top Tube Bags are perfect for long trips up or down the Munger Trail! For short jaunts through Lakewalk, the Fernberg Road Wedge Bag or the Wakemup Roll-Top Bike Bag will fit everything you need! 

Come check out the new section of the Cross City Trail, and stop by to say hi at the Frost River storefront while you’re at it!

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