We build gear that is durable and reliable. It's not just marketing jargon, it is a cornerstone of who we are and what we stand for. Every component and design choice made within the entire Frost River line of goods was made with intention. Solid Brass hardware bends well before it breaks– often, giving you the time and functionality you need to make it all the way through your adventure. Waxed Canvas is water resistant and incredibly robust.

Explorer Duffel Bag

The most robust duffel that we make, it's built to take anything and everything you throw at it.

Drop Test

We loaded our Explorer Duffel with 250 pounds of brass and repeatedly dropped it in multiple orientations until it burst. It took many drops and having to let it fall on its end before we were able to get it to crack. We are pretty sure you won't be filling your duffel with brass and trying to break it so you should not stress about a seam breaking no matter what you put your pack through.

Drag Test

Dragging your duffel behind a vehicle on a rocky, muddy, and snowy road is not a regular occurrence and when we tested it the Explorer fared better than expected. So take our word when we say that you don't need to worry about your Explorer spending some time in the elements.


The final blow was administered by Big Red and the Van, trying to tear the bag apart. We don't know how your duffel would even end up in a situation like this so it is a bit impractical but fun to see none-the-less. For perspective, it was the nylon handles that broke first and the canvas only tore along a section of stitching, which is where its the weakest so it's a safe bet that whatever you do the canvas is the least of your worries.

Revels from 'round the World

I have several of these in duffle bags in 3 sizes... I believe these are the best-made bags I've ever owned... There is no doubt that these bags will outlast me and that I will pass them down to my children and their children after... Everything about the bags is of the best quality and craftsmanship...
Michael Bergman
This bag is overkill in a good way. Real heavy, durable material that exceeded my expectation in every single way. When I got it, I asked myself, "do I really need a bag this nice?". Absolutely I do. I am very glad I bought it.
Keith Wyckoff
My wife and I have two of these Explorer Duffel Bags ( Carry On Size ) and used them regularly on our domestic and oversea trips. We loved how much STUFF the bags can handle. They are built using the most robust waxed canvas... we have pulled them, tossed them, yanked them, and they still look as if they just came out from the factory...

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